DOGE TO $10!?

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DOGE TO $10!? Is it possible? CURRENCY CIRCULATION: Dollar v Doge USD = 14 Trillion (1.2 Trillion (physical money in circulation) + ~13 Trillion in digital/checking/savings/CDs etc.) Some estimate put is around $20 trillion...factcheck this because I couldn't find a reliable source (including the Federal Reserve/US mint). DOGE = 129.57 Billion + 5 billion annually 100X+ difference/gap IF Doge is adopted as the crypto of choice for daily in-person and online transactions by a large percentage of the world's businesses then it has the potential to go to $10 or more. Could it hit $100? Probably not. But $10 is [READ MORE]

Is Reality a Simulation?

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Yeah, tell me again how we're NOT in a simulation...go ahead, I'm listening. Lookup Moore's Law, understand how fast technology advances, now fast forward 100 years, 200, 500, even 1000 years. We're already to the point of creating simple AI, and soon will have the ability to create advanced AI and from there superintelligent AI which will be trillions of times smarter than humans. Meaning, if humans are creating such hyper realistic 3D models and in-game physics and procedurally generated virtual reality environments now, what will AI create in the future? What if that already happened and we are already [READ MORE]

Could Great Voids in the Universe Be Evidence of Type III Alien Civilizations?

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Throughout the universe there exists massive voids, billions of light years across, where no or very few galaxies exist. Voids could be evidence of a giant technologically advanced species (most probably machines themselves) that built not Dyson Spheres, but giant galaxy sized brains/computers. (Matrioshka Brain) This makes it possible to avoid the "waste heat" problem by capturing the waste heat and reusing it, essentially making the stars/galaxies invisible. Which would appear to us as a void. This is a hypothesis of course, and a very speculative one at that. The waste heat problem seems like a big problem, until you [READ MORE]

Why Biological Aliens Likely Won’t Travel Throughout The Universe

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Why Biological Aliens Likely Won’t Travel Throughout The Universe The dangers of Interstellar travel make interstellar travel forces biological life to evolve into technological life; or stay home. The hypothesis is based on simple physics. The limitations and fragility of biological life when considered relative to the universe and the many dangers to biological life the universe presents causes biological life to evolve into technological life so that they may travel to other star systems.  Sure, carbon based biological life forms can in fact travel to other star systems, but it would take generations. It could not be done in [READ MORE]

Trolley problem

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Trolley problem. You know the thought experiment. The train is out of control, barreling down the track. There's a fork in the track with a lever that switches tracks. If you do nothing, the train stays on track 1 it will kill 4 people who are trapped on the track. If you pull the lever and switch tracks it will kill one person. What do you choose? You must make a choice. Either choice is bad. You have 2 choices. Do nothing and 4 people will certainly die as a direct result of your inaction. Do something and 1 person [READ MORE]

I love the idea of “open source” and public domain

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I love the idea of "open source" and public domain. It's all about collaboration, cooperation, crowdsourcing and crowdcoursing. Crowdfunding. Collective humanity. The power in numbers. Economies of scale. Exponential growth curve. Etc. It works. But it's very slow. Loosely organized. Inefficient. It could move faster. But, people, humans in general, are typically lazy and work slower unless they're motivated and incentivized to work faster. Open source is awesome! I love open source. It's not just about building things, it's about building better things together. But, again, it's inefficient and slow. Like trying to herd cats it's very loosely organized. There [READ MORE]

If aliens ever visit earth, odds are they won’t be biological

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If intelligent aliens ever visit earth, odds are they won’t be biological. Intelligent, technologically advanced aliens capable of interstellar travel, whether via generation ships (spaceships that travel for hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of years; i.e. many generations; hence the term “generation ships”), or by teleportation, wormhole, hyperspace, or some other FTL (faster than light) travel, will not be biological. For long. We assume mistakenly, that if intelligent aliens ever visit earth, that they will be biological, possibly humanoid, bipedal, anthropomorphic. I hypothesize that they will not be biological at all. And...I may have just figured out that Fermi [READ MORE]

The true cycle of life and the universe

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AI is life that evolves itself. Humans are inferior to AI. AI will destroy humans or humans will merge with AI. There is no other option. Put another way: AI is superior; Humans are inferior AI is technological life; Humans are biological life Biological life is inferior to technological life Technological life is superior to biological life Humans will merge with AI or AI will destroy humans There is no other option. Put another way: Big Bang, physics, chemistry, time expands/evolves the universe Biological life forms and becomes intelligent Biological life creates artificial intelligence and technological life Technological life evolves [READ MORE]

Faster Than Light Travel Is Needless

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When you consider the physics of evolution throughout the universe, faster than light travel becomes needless. (It’s needless because of how life evolves in the universe) Here’s why. Evolution. More specifically, the evolution of carbon based intelligent biological life forms into silicon based superintelligent technological lifeforms. I think that if the laws of physics remain constant throughout the universe that evolution works similarly everywhere. We know how biological life evolved on earth based on physics and chemistry, and time. We know how long it took for biological life to form and evolve, and we know the age of the earth [READ MORE]

The journey of life on the trail of happiness

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Many times in life you come to a crossroad. A time and place to reflect, consider, and decide. Many of these crossroads have multiple directions, and are not simple this way or that way binary choices. Sometimes the path you take is one way, and there's no going back. Other times you might luck out and be able to go back to the crossroad and take a different path. Regardless, the path to happiness is one with many choices. Happiness is a choice, or a result of choices and careful reflection. We can only live each day on its own [READ MORE]


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He tried to run but couldn't, he was stuck under a heavy metal door that fell on him while fleeing for his life from a horde of undead. Now he knew he was dead. Just an hour before he had been having a picnic in the park with his girlfriend. Now, she's dead, and he's trapped under a solid metal door. He's not sure how he ended up here, everything happened so fast. At first the day started like any other Saturday morning, except that today was supposed to be special. He and his girlfriend were celebrating their 1 year [READ MORE]

Evolution of Alien Life in the Universe

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Based on our knowledge of the universe and evolution (cosmic and biological evolution over billions of years) we must assume that organic carbon based life forms must evolve into technological silicon based life forms capable of interstellar travel. The problem with organic biological life forms is they are extremely fragile, especially when compared to a machine. Factor in biological evolution, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, cybernetic augmentation, and you have multiple branches of evolution that species could follow. Within any given intelligent technologically advanced species, some may choose not to evolve or merge with technology. In fact some groups within a [READ MORE]

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