My Catamaran Design 2.0

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My SolarCat or SolCat™ - I'm not that great a 3D designer, but I think this gets the point across about my idea for a solar powered cat. A liveaboard boat, kind of a catamaran/houseboat hybrid. Using all new tech and composite hull. Foam core. Unsinkable.   The center part, main living quarters below the main deck, an upper observation deck, and a roof you can walk around on and sunbathe and just hang out and party. The twin hulls are designed to cut through the waves rather than go over them. And the pontoons are wide enough with enough [READ MORE]

Humans Will Never Travel Beyond Our Solar System

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The more I learn about the universe the more I believe that human beings will never travel to another star system. And I think this holds true throughout the universe for other alien civilizations as well. But for that to be true, one must first assume aliens exist. Fermi asked the question "Where is everyone?" referring to extraterrestrial life in the universe. Where is everyone? is a great question. We've been looking and listening for signs of life outside our planet and our star system for a a while now, relative to our existence and scientific technological advancement. In cosmic [READ MORE]

Why I think humans will never reach another star system

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Interstellar travel is a delusional pipe dream. Microgravity does terrible things to the human body. Unless we figure out a way to make artificial gravity (no, a spinning disk is not enough) humans will likely never travel to another star system. Interstellar travel is not practical and not plausible because biological life forms are fragile and inefficient. Humans are not evolved for space. Even inside a spacecraft we're at the mercy of gravity (microgravity) and the effects of that on our bodies. We could not survive a generation-long trip to another star system, and even if we did survive, we'd [READ MORE]

Poof The Magic Big Bang

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The "Big Bang" is the magic "Poof" that poofed all matter, all energy, and all things into existence. Can we prove the Big Bang happened? Sure...the math says it's true. However. No one knows where all that matter and energy came from. It just appeared. Seemingly out of nothing. Literally we are saying that something, everything, came from nothing. How is this any different than saying god did it? Because the math says it's true? Ok, I'll give you that, because that's what the evidence says. That's the science. But... Something still came from nothing. We don't know how. And [READ MORE]

Camouflage Aliens

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I think aliens are camouflaged. Seriously. Think about it. Every creature on earth uses camouflage to some degree. Including humans. Predators use camouflage to stalk prey and prey uses camouflage to hide from predators. Humans use camouflage to hunt food and game and the game we hunt uses camouflage to stay hidden from us. We use camouflage in our military operations to hide ourselves visually with camouflage clothing, and we paint our ships and aircraft and trucks and tanks camouflage to hide them from enemies. We also hide our ships and aircraft from radar. We have radio jamming, microwave jamming, [READ MORE]


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Call Of Duty, you guys should know better! Seriously? After like 20 years of FPS games do you not know that the cartridge is not the BULLET that flies through the air as you have it dpicted in the video promotion for your new anti-cheat platform? Come on! You guys of all people should know better. Seriously this is an amateur mistake usually from people who know nothing about firearms or how they work. Here's the link to the original video on Facebook. I get it, you gotta do something about cheaters online. It's very important to make your [READ MORE]

Nube Cube of Light! Blender Render – GlassGuards

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Most intense render yet. I thought my computer was gonna explode with how loud it got processing the render. I think it turned out pretty good. For a beginner anyway. Clear glass and light and shadow is very GPU and CPU intensive when rendering shit like this, so I figured why not use the default cube in Blender and put my glassman guarding the great cube of light. lol Cycles render with glare HIGH RESOLUTION VERSION: 8MB PNG Cycles render without glare   HIGH RESOLUTION VERSION: 8MB PNG

Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Donuts

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Friends don't let friends do donuts. This is your friendly neighborhood public service announcement from the Anti-Donut Association in partnership with the Blender Basics Committee. We, the 3D powers that be, have officially deemed donuts to be hazardous to your art life. You must not under any circumstances do the donut! Repeat. DON'T DO THE DONUT! No matter how powerful the temptation, or how logical and simple it seems, do not trust the donut. The donut is evil! It is the gateway donut! It starts you down that path into 3D world of art creating you will likely never escape [READ MORE]

BlenderMan Render in Blender 3D

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I've recently gotten back into my art because I want to work more on developing my GENERATIONS: Legend Of The Tome story concept art so needed to brush up on my skills. This is just a stickman render to get familiar with the Blender render engine and modeling process, materials, textures, rendering, and post rendering artistic flare in Photoshop. I'm calling this guy Blenderman because it's just a simple stickman model made in Blender 3D. Enjoy. The first render is the Blender Cycles render with glare for the core and the eyes. This next image is edited with Photoshop to [READ MORE]

F*3K No Man’s Sky!

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So, No Man's Sky. It's a cool premise and all, but as a survival game, it's a little too colorful. Too light. To many happy colors. I've never played it so maybe I'm missing something, but...if you're going to have a procedurally generated massively multiplayer online open world survival game like No Man's Sky, why make it pink and purple and multiple shades of light pastels?  HELLO! lol Like I said, I've never played it (and I refuse to play it because it's PASTELS!), but I've seen enough of it to know that I likely won't like it, just because [READ MORE]


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ELECTRIC BIKES MAKE THE BEST APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL TRANSPORT! Seriously. I've been saying this for a long time. No one listens to me. An example of no one listening to me was 30+ years ago when I was in my teens growing up on the St Johns river in Jax FL. I wanted a kayak to fish out of. I talked to EVERYONE I knew, including all the boat dealers and my dad and I wanted a kayak so badly but no one would listen to me. They asked me what I was going to do with it. I said "FISH [READ MORE]

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