Humans Are Primitive And Stupid

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I really hate stupid. Like for real. It's beyond my ability to tolerate it. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me.'s worse than that. It's as bad as death itself. It's powered by ignorance and delusion. It's not that all stupid people do not have the capacity to be smart. Some are just naturally stupid, low-IQ, idiots. But...there are those who are willfully ignorant and uneducated and who refuse to educate themselves and learn critical thinking skills and who are too lazy to think, this is stupid. This is the kind of stupid that is as bad as [READ MORE]

Technological Immortality Is Achievable

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Technological immortality. We have the ability to become immortal with technology. Why are we not pursuing that in a big way? There are a few companies doing it, but it's not a BIG thing. It's not something you see everywhere. Why not? I don't get it. I don't understand why people would not want themselves and their family and friends to be able to live forever. Is the world that terrible of a place they just don't want to live that long? WTF is going on!? I seriously have trouble comprehending why people would not want to live forever. Or [READ MORE]

To Explore The Universe Humans Must Evolve Beyond Human

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The more I think about this impact problem AND the time dilation problem, the more I realize that we will likely not travel to another star system anytime soon, if ever. At least as humans. I hate to say it...but the more I learn about the universe and evolution and everything, the more problems with interstellar travel become more obvious. Special relativity is a bitch, but it's still not as bad as the impact problem. People say 'space is empty"...there are millions of miles between objects. The odds that you'll hit something is very low. We can travel to the [READ MORE]

Is The Universe Filled With Dead Worlds, Or Does Biological Simply Life Evolve Into Machines?

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Perhaps. Perhaps not. I think it's possible, maybe even likely, other civilizations on other worlds simply evolve into machines. People might think that's crazy now, but if you look back at history and the advancement of technology, humans (biological life forms) are only evolved to live on planets. They are NOT evolved to live in space. To live in space and intelligent species will likely evolve into machines. At that point faster than light travel will become pointless, needless even, because the civilization that evolves to that point will no longer have a need for faster than light travel because [READ MORE]

Humanity University

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Humanity University I’m tired of sitting around watching greed destroy our humanity and not doing anything about poverty but make it worse. I’m tired of all the blame game bullshit of people pointing fingers and not taking responsibility for their actions. I’m tired of the selfishness and ignorance of poverty. I’m tired of the greedy rich and uneducated ignorant blaming poor people for being poor. I’m tired of all the poverty and hunger and homelessness and healthcare problems and educational issues, student loan debt and the sheer lack of anyone willing to do anything about the massive poverty problem we [READ MORE]

Together We Save The World

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The level of greed and ignorance in this country and around the world is really pissing me off. I have friends from all over the world in different countries, all different ethnicities and cultures, and backgrounds. Most of us see what's going on in the USA and abroad and are sickened by the level of greed and ignorance that plagues our world. We know what's possible, if only we would WORK TOGETHER for the greater good while also helping individuals with their daily lives through outreach, charity, philanthropy, education, etc. Basically we believe in altruism. We believe in humanity first. [READ MORE]

Perspective Is Everything

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Saying you’re not biased is an unintentional lie because it’s the same as saying you have no opinion and that you don’t believe in anything. Everyone is biased in some way or another. There’s good bias and bad bias, and here’s the kicker, it’s all relative. It’s relative to the person the situation, the experience, culture, societal norms, morals, ethics, and the time or age. There’s generational bias, and biased bias. In other words, you’re the bad guy in someone else’s story. Perspective is everything. Perspective makes bias relative. So if you say you have an open mind, that’s only [READ MORE]

You Are a Slave To The System, It Owns You, You Own Nothing, You Are Not Free

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Capitalism hates abundance, so it lies and creates artificial scarcity to control supply to increase demand so they can boost profits. Planned obsolescence; it's when your product breaks, you need a new one. Limited production and carefully controlled manufacturing deliberately hinders supply to create artificial scarcity and therefore increased demand. The result is higher profit for the super rich who control the means of production. This is why capitalists hate socialism and communism. They control the money and manufacturing. They will NEVER willingly give control to the people. Welcome to the long con. You have been conned. The "free market" [READ MORE]

My University

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For over 10 years I have researched, studied, written about, and made a living in the sustainable living market. It started with an idea to live off the grid. Then I launched a very successful off grid blog. I made a very good living writing about off grid living, renewable energy, sustainable building and modern sustainable agriculture. The idea for off grid living was simple independence and sustainability. This idea evolved into an idea for an off grid community and that in turn evolved into an idea for an off grid campground and RV park for sustainable minded folks who [READ MORE]

Is Reality a Simulation?

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Yeah, tell me again how we're NOT in a simulation...go ahead, I'm listening. Lookup Moore's Law, understand how fast technology advances, now fast forward 100 years, 200, 500, even 1000 years. We're already to the point of creating simple AI, and soon will have the ability to create advanced AI and from there superintelligent AI which will be trillions of times smarter than humans. Meaning, if humans are creating such hyper realistic 3D models and in-game physics and procedurally generated virtual reality environments now, what will AI create in the future? What if that already happened and we are already [READ MORE]

Why Biological Aliens Likely Won’t Travel Throughout The Universe

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Why Biological Aliens Likely Won’t Travel Throughout The Universe The dangers of Interstellar travel make interstellar travel forces biological life to evolve into technological life; or stay home. The hypothesis is based on simple physics. The limitations and fragility of biological life when considered relative to the universe and the many dangers to biological life the universe presents causes biological life to evolve into technological life so that they may travel to other star systems.  Sure, carbon based biological life forms can in fact travel to other star systems, but it would take generations. It could not be done in [READ MORE]

I love the idea of “open source” and public domain

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I love the idea of "open source" and public domain. It's all about collaboration, cooperation, crowdsourcing and crowdcoursing. Crowdfunding. Collective humanity. The power in numbers. Economies of scale. Exponential growth curve. Etc. It works. But it's very slow. Loosely organized. Inefficient. It could move faster. But, people, humans in general, are typically lazy and work slower unless they're motivated and incentivized to work faster. Open source is awesome! I love open source. It's not just about building things, it's about building better things together. But, again, it's inefficient and slow. Like trying to herd cats it's very loosely organized. There [READ MORE]

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