“Get a real job!” An ignorant uneducated delusional superstitious fool said that to me once and it p***** me off. He didn’t consider my work, my writing, my blogging (that made me up to $25k in a month) a “real job”. A real job to him meant a labor job. Construction. Mechanical work. Something that paid a salary. Not writing or something on the internet. He didn’t understand it. He spoke from a position of ignorance. Ignorance of writing. Ignorance of the internet. Ignorance of search engine optimization. Ignorance of how to monetize a website. Ignorance of how to make money online. I’ve been struggling, yeah. Sure. But I make about the same amount of money as a day laborer does right now. I built it. It’s mine. I don’t work for anyone else. I make low wages right now, but I’m building something that’s mine! I’m building a passive income. It will take time to build, like anything worth having, it will take time to build. So I work on it daily. Trying to make enough money to live on, just like everyone else. I might make less than a laborer, but I make it doing what I love. I don’t work for someone else. I don’t work to make someone else rich off my labor. I don’t work for a shitty abusive uncaring ignorant boss. I work for myself! I do my thing and I make a decent living at it for now. It’s enough to pay my rent and keep a little food on the table for now and as it grows it will provide more and more. So when some ignorant f*** tells me to “get a real job”, I take offense not to what they said to me, but to their ignorance. There is no reason to respect their ignorant opinion any more than if you walked into a mechanics shop, or construction site and told those hard working folks that what they are doing is not a “real job”. They’d take offense to your ignorance. In the same way I take offense to the ignorant f*** who told me to “get a real job”. M***********, I made more in a DAY than you made in a MONTH before and I will get there again. F*** OFF!