We live in a system that doesn’t give a s*** about us and that would replace us within a few days if we dropped dead. They system uses us up like slaves and throws us away like trash when we’re too old and injured and unhealthy to work anymore. I’m fed up with the system and how it works so I’m walking away from it.

It’s scary, it’s a kind of an addiction I think. When things are going well it feels safe but once something happens in your life and you can’t pay into the system anymore it turns on you like a wild and dangerous beast.

At first the beast growls at you and tells you to get back to work and that’s scary so you do. Then as your body gets broken down over the years of work and your health declines you start to work fewer and fewer hours, money gets tighter and tighter, slowly squeezing like a vice. But you start slipping, putting off some bills and selectively paying other bills so you can eat and keep a roof over your head.

The beast lies to us and tells us we are free. But we’re not really free if we must rely on the beast for our survival. It lurks in the shadows ready to attack and devour us if we stray from our paddock. We are livestock to the beast.  We are nothing but cattle and sheep, being herded, owned and enslaved to do the bidding of the beast.

You know the beast is going to eat you if you stop or slow down or try to take time for yourself. So you keep pushing yourself, for your family. However, while you’re working you neglect your family by spending 40, 50, 60 and 80 hours a week working to keep the beast at bay and your family safe. You want to spend more time with your family, but the beast will eat you and your family alive if you stop working. It’s a catch 22. And it’s never enough. It’ll never be enough.

We’re all only 30 days away from being devoured by the beast that is the system. Some people insist that you feed the beast or it will devour you. Some people will accuse you of being irresponsible for not feeding the beast. But these people are usually cowards who can’t think beyond their own fear or the beast long enough to realize they are the ones with the power over the beast.

We’ll be fine without the beast. There is another way to live. We don’t have to live in fear anymore. We don’t have to believe the lie of artificial scarcity. We don’t have to support the built in planned obsolescence of our consumerist world. We don’t have to live inside the cage that’s guarded by the beast.

All of these things are designed to keep us in fear of the beast and keep us working to feed it. We become slaves to it. We sacrifice our own people to it and we delude ourselves into believing that we’re keeping it from devouring us, when in reality we’re actually feeding our enslaver and making it stronger.

We can kill the beast. We don’t have to go to war with the beast. It’s much simpler than that. We destroy the beast not by fighting it, but by not feeding it.

We don’t need to fight it. We just stop feeding it and it will die. All people have to do is refuse to feed the beast and it will die. The beast will starve to death if we stop feeding it.

We don’t need the beast. We know how to live sustainably. We know how to grow our own food. We know how to build our own homes. We don’t need the beast to tell us how to live our lives. We are perfectly capable of doing it on our own. We know how to support our families. We know how to live.

We are our own people. We are powerful. We have the power.

When we finally realize that then we are truly free.