Want to know how to never make an excuse? It’s simple. Own your failures and mistakes! If you did something wrong, if you made a mistake or failed at something, own it and move on. If you hold onto it it will eat you up from the inside out. It’s toxic. Get the lie out of you by owning your mistake or failure an not covering it up. You’ll grow faster, stronger and be happier than you ever thought possible.

The sense of pride you will feel afterwards is remarkable. Own your mistakes! Admit your failure and stop making excuses for it. People won’t respect you if you’re constantly making excuses for why something didn’t get done.

Whatever you do, don’t blame others for your own mistakes. People ay not say anything to you about it, but it you make excuses and blame others for your mistakes people will not respect you. They might pretend they like you because they have to work with you or be around you, but they don’t.

People don’t respect or trust people who are dishonest. And lets face it, when you fail to admit to your mistakes, make excuses and blame others, then all those friends you think you have aren’t really your friends. They simply tolerate you as someone they have to have around and you don’t want that.

True respect and trust comes from being honest with yourself and others. No one gives a s*** about your excuses. Don’t expect people to respect you if you’re not honest with them. Also don’t expect to feel proud of lying to yourself. You will know. That’s just as toxic as holding in anger or a grudge. The only person it hurts is you.

Own your mistakes. Admit them to yourself and others. Don’t dwell on it. Change it. Keep moving forward.

Always keep moving forward toward your goals.

Own your mistakes and you will own your success!