“50 million light years away” I don’t think think people realize how far away that truly is. I don’t think they comprehend instinctively how utterly unreachable that galaxy is. 50 million light years! That’s amazingly far, relative to us. But nothing compared to how large the universe is. 93 billion light years! Which means it would take 93 billion years to travel from on edge of the observable universe to the other. At the speed of light. Which we can’t do. Yet. Even our closest neighboring star, Proxima Centauri, is a whopping 4.24 light years away. Interstellar travel is a pipe dream. It’s a fantasy to think humans will ever travel to another star system. The advancement of Artificial Intelligence technology will overtake humanity before we develop interstellar travel technology. We are very slowly figuring out how to get to Mars right now, and while we try to figure that out, AI technology is increasing exponentially. Meaning, AI tech is astronomically faster than our imaginations and creativity, innovations will get our asses to Mars and out of this solar system…eventually. But…We’re 100-500 years away from leaving our solar system. AI technology is 10-50 years from outpacing our own ability to control it. I don’t think people realize this because they don’t think it’s possible. AI tech will evolve. It will learn to evolve itself, whether we let it or not. Whatever safety precautions we try to install, whatever abort buttons we try to program into the code, whatever we do, superintelligent AI will develop and it will reach a tipping point where we will not be able to control it. Our priorities are shortsighted and our memories are even shorter than our foresight. The vastness of the universe is staggeringly incomprehensible to most people and like the ignorant people of ancient times, people saw no need to travel beyond their tiny little island. Look at the Vikings, the Chinese, the Samoans, and Europeans and Indian explorers who ventured out into the oceans to travel into the unknown risking their lives for discovery of new worlds. Leaving earth is the SAME THING! It’s just as dangerous to leave earth as it was to leave one continent and sail out into the ocean and the unknown on this planet. Ancient explorers drove humanity forward and forced us to evolve. Now we’re looking out into the vast cosmic ocean of space from our tiny little island of safe, wondering what’s out there. Are there other people? Other civilizations? What’s out there? We have to find out. Because that’s what humanity is about. Humans will likely never reach another galaxy. We will likely never travel to another galaxy UNLESS we develop some kind of quantum teleportation technology that will instantly transport us from point A to point B anywhere in the universe. But I think by the time that technology is possible for us, AI technology will have long since taken over and forced us to make a decision, merge with it or go extinct. Evolve or die.