Meals Are a Time-Suck! Eating food requires thought and time. Time and thought that I’d rather devote to studying. I read A LOT. Probably 8-10 hours a day I’m either reading articles, white papers, scientific studies, abstracts, etc. I waste quite a bit of time on Facebook with memes and ranting about stupid people, but mostly I spend my time reading. I’m addicted to information. I love to learn things. I like learning about the universe, physical science, astronomy, cosmology, physics, economics, chemistry, political science, and business.
My point is I spend a lot of time reading about about and learning things. I write a bit on my blogs, do what work I need to (recently) to build the biz, and I am finding myself more than mildly annoyed with having to stop doing what I want to do to eat. Eating requires thinking about food and what I want to eat. It requires me to get up and look in the fridge and pantry for something quick to eat. It requires me then to make the meal, to cook, to wash dishes and to put out the trash. It requires a lot of TIME and labor. Meals are a time-suck! Time that I believe is better spent learning studying and increasing knowledge and understanding.
If I could spend all my time reading and learning that’s what I would do. Having to stop 3-6 times throughout the day every single day to eat requires too much time and labor.
I know this is weird. I’m very aware of how weird this sounds. But it’s just how I see it. I spend on average about 2 hours each day doing nothing but food prep, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, putting out the trash, and eating. That’s 14 hours a week. 54 hours per month. That’s like 2.25 days per month spent doing nothing but eating. That’s like 27 days per year! That’s a MONTH out of every year! Doing NOTHING BUT EATING!!! LOL That’s insane! Every 12 years you will have spent nearly a full YEAR doing nothing but eating! I’m 48. That means I’ve spent 4 years of my life eating. 4 years! That’s a Bachelor’s Degree in eating! LOL
(yeah I know I’m weird…but this is how I think) lol
It wouldn’t be so bad if I could sit down and enjoy a meal with friends and family, but I’m here by myself and have no one to enjoy meals with. So I’d rather not do that. I’d rather invest that time in studying and writing.
I thought about these monthly meal deals and subscription box services…but those are like $1000/month if you want 3-4 meals a day…which my doctor recommends 6 small meals due to my health issues. If I spend 20 minutes a day prepping and eating 6 small meals that’s still 2 hours a day.
I know this is some crazy OCD s***. But it’s how I choose to spend my time.
Anyone know any good meal subscriptions out there? Have you tried any of them? How are they? How much do you spend? Does it save you time? Are they healthy meals? Any suggestions? I’m open to just about anything at this point.
Even if it costs more money I’m willing to spend the money to save the time.