The “Big Bang” is the magic “Poof” that poofed all matter, all energy, and all things into existence. Can we prove the Big Bang happened? Sure…the math says it’s true. However. No one knows where all that matter and energy came from. It just appeared. Seemingly out of nothing. Literally we are saying that something, everything, came from nothing.

How is this any different than saying g** did it? Because the math says it’s true? Ok, I’ll give you that, because that’s what the evidence says. That’s the science. But…

Something still came from nothing. We don’t know how. And no, you can’t fill that gap with g**. But…

Where did all that matter and energy come from? It literally poofed into existence. Kinda like g** in the minds of the ignorant.

Maybe there’s a balance between ignorance and knowledge. Everything has an opposite, right? An opposing force. Opposites attract. Maybe the truth is somewhere between knowledge and ignorance. Hard, immovable, inflexible knowledge might as well be ignorance. Ignorance professes to know things which it cannot possibly know, and knowledge professes we don’t know the things we think we know.

I believe (hypothesize) that the falsifiable evidence based truth lies in the middle between the clinical and the emotional.

Do I believe in g**? F*** NO! Do I think science has all the answers? Eventually it will, yes. It’s ok to say we don’t know…but, we also have to admit when it’s possible that there’s an intuitive knowledge of the universe intrinsic within us all. That we can look at the universe and say, yeah…there’s something bigger there than just empty space, galaxies, stars and planets. There’s some kind of something, some dark mysterious force, a dark energy, that holds the universe together. Not just gravity or the strong nuclear force or electromagnetic force, but something more. I think around 5% of the universe is matter…everything else is either dark matter or dark energy. What is that? Does it even exist?

Where does all the matter and energy come from? We don’t know, and we don’t have enough data to answer that question yet. But some scientists have posited that the universe itself is conscious. HELLO! WTF!? Seriously? Conscious as in how? What does that even mean?

Where does everything come from? Is the Big Bang simply evidence we’re living in a simulation and that was simply when the programmers simply turned the simulation on? Would kinda make sense.

But does it matter? Why answer the question ‘Where does everything come from?’. Because we need to know. We want to know.

I want to know where everything came from. How it appeared from nothing. How it formed. How it exists. Not that there’s any purpose to it…that I don’t believe. But…it’s fascinating to me to think that one moment there was nothing…but maybe a singularity…and then POOF the Big Bang happened and all matter and energy just appeared!

That is amazing to me! And I want to know how that happened. I don’t think there’s a “why” it happened relating to some kind of purpose…only physics. It’s all physics. Those are the laws that govern the universe and everything in it.

I want to know if there’s something outside the universe. Is the universe “real”, or is it a simulation? Where did all that matter and energy come from? How did it appear from nothing? How does that work?

Yeah, I doubt we’ll discover the answer to these questions in my lifetime, but it’s certainly fun to speculate and ponder the wonders of the universe.