Success is all in your head. Seriously. Success is all about how you think. It’s about your mindset. To be successful you need to condition your mind to think successfully. You must focus on being successful. It’s more than being success driven. You mind will empower you to be successful. It will drive you forward toward your goals. You ever wonder why successful people are successful? It’s because they think differently than everyone else. It’s because they work harder and are more disciplined. They are able to succeed where others fail because they think differently. Steve Jobs understood this and was able to articulate this message better than anyone in history. He ever came up with a “Think Different” advertising campaign. Though it wasn’t about success, it played off the same emotional response that success gives you. Watching the Think Different campaign advertisement makes you feel successful. It makes you think that if you just have an Apple computer you will be like those successful people who change the world. It’s a masterful classic advertisement and many lessons can be learned from studying that campaign. 

Here’s the “Think Different” ad in case you’ve never seen it before.

That right there is perfection. That right there triggers the success mindset within your brain. It makes you feel successful just by watching the advertisement. It associates success with thinking differently and extends that association to Apple the company, the product and the brand. It makes you feel like if you just buy an Apple computer you too will be successful. This is about the “Success by Association” mentality. It’s the idea that by associating with successful people you too will become successful because you’ll pick up on what they’re putting out. It’s the idea that you’ll be more successful because you learn through osmosis, being around other people who are more successful than you. Association with success makes you more successful. It’s simple really. 

Steve Jobs was a master at achieving the success mindset. He was also a great communicator and was very persuasive. This advertisement communicates the message that you will be more successful by purchasing a new Apple computer by associating successful people with their brand and then communicating that message in a feel good persuasive way which implies that you thing differently because you have an Apple computer. See how that works?

It’s all in your head. It truly is. That mindset is right there ready to be accessed and Steve Jobs just helped you to glimpse it within yourself.

You can get there too. If you just think differently.

Success is all in your head. It’s about your mindset and how you think. You have the ability to access the parts of your brain that will help you become more successful. You can create new neural pathways in your mind that will help you be more focused, more disciplined and have more willpower that you thought possible.

Your mind is a powerful thing. Your mind is a bio-chemical super computer with the power to change your life if you let it. You simply need to access new parts of you brain and activate your success mindset. What is that? It’s an idea and a thought process. It’s how you think and what you think about. 

If you think negatively it will be more difficult to be successful at achieving your goals. Being successful is about thinking differently than everyone else. Yes, it’s about thinking positively, sure, but it’s much more than that. It’s about action.

Abraham Lincoln said “Actions speak louder than words.” of course he was right but most people don’t really understand what he meant, or if they do understand they still usually don’t do anything about it or apply it to their lives. 

Success is all in your head, but action brings it out into the real world. Application of knowledge, discipline, dedication, drive, motivation, confidence, vision, desire, decisiveness, determination,  attitude, gratitude, humility all are in your head. It’s your mindset. That’s what makes you take action. Action propels you forward toward success.

You must apply yourself.

You have the power within you to succeed at anything, you just need a little help to make it happen. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be here right now reading this article. You want to be successful and I’m confident that I can help you with that.

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In my hardship I had a realization, an epiphany, a breakthrough, and that  helped me become a success. So I wrote a book. It’s what successful people do, right?

This book is about you and your success. It will help you access the success mindset within you. This isn’t a gimmick or get rich quick scheme, I’m not selling you anything. (yet)

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