NO! Giving money to someone who is uneducated is throwing money away. Universal Basic Income (UBI) is NOT the solution to poverty. Not even close. UBI is a Band-Aid on a stinking festering infected gaping oozing wound that is ignorance (lack of access to higher education) which is the cause of poverty. This is not to say we don’t need UBI…it’s to say we need MORE than UBI. We need education to go along with it.

You most likely have seen this video floating around the internet:

Sorry, but with all due respect, he’s wrong.

If you hand someone $10k and they don’t have the knowledge to spend/invest it wisely, that money will just evaporate. It becomes a waste of money.

Instead of giving just money away (which will most likely be spent on BULLSHIT and wasted) give the people the things the UBI is SUPPOSED to pay for.

Housing, Food and Utilities.

See! Problem solved.

Now you’re not just giving people money that will most likely be wasted We can still provide a small UBI, but just throwing money at the problem is not a solution. Provide an education. Make education accessible. Give people housing, food and utilities, and that will give them the time and opportunity to focus on an education so they can train in a better paying career field. Simple solution. It will work.

How do I know? Because I fucking know! I’ve spent my entire life studying this kind of shit. I have a fucking PhD in problem solving! UBI is needed, but it’s not a fix-all. We need a foundation. That foundation is an education. While people are being educated provide them with housing, food, and utilities and they can focus all their effort on training and learning a new marketable skill for their new career. This accelerates learning because people aren’t spending 4-6 years getting a useless Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in something that may not even be a good market by the time they get their fucking degree. Not to mention to outfuckingrageous amount of student debt that comes along with that degree.

BILLIONAIRES like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg are proof you don’t need a fucking degree to make it in this world because they are college dropouts! There are many many more millionaires and deca-millionaires, and centi-millionaires who are college dropouts. There are also many more people with college degrees who are struggling every day, working minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet. There are even people with PhD’s and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees who are homeless.

UBI is not enough on it’s own. Give people an education, housing, food and utilities, and it accelerates learning, gets people into the workforce faster and not only provides valuable education, it does it in less than half the time. Degrees are overrated. What people need are real-life skills to survive in this dynamic and quickly evolving world. Technology is advancing at exponential rates. If you don’t offer a solid foundation to build on with education, our economy will suffer, and that means more people will end up in poverty.

You solve the problem by giving people the real tools they need to fix the problem. What I proposed above will do that. It will end poverty.