Capitalism hates abundance, so it lies and creates artificial scarcity to control supply to increase demand so they can boost profits. Planned obsolescence; it’s when your product breaks, you need a new one. Limited production and carefully controlled manufacturing deliberately hinders supply to create artificial scarcity and therefore increased demand. The result is higher profit for the super rich who control the means of production. This is why capitalists h*** socialism and communism. They control the money and manufacturing. They will NEVER willingly give control to the people. Welcome to the long con. You have been conned. The “free market” is a f****** myth. It’s a carefully and deliberately controlled market designed to increase profits for them while slowly driving up costs of those products and keeping wages low. This keeps you working for them. A wage slave. All the things you need to live are owned by them. Housing, food, utilities, education and healthcare, all owned by them. You’re making them richer with your time and labor. Time you can never get back. Yeah. Tell me again how free you are. Go ahead. I’m listening. You have to work for them. Why? Because you have to pay the rich so you can have a house and food and utilities and education and healthcare. If you stop paying them they will take your house and stop feeding you. You’ll end up on the street and then they will take your kids away. All because you refuse to work for them. So you make a decision to give up part of your freedom for a false sense of security. That secure feeling you think you have that your home is yours and your land is yours. It’s not. Not even the land. Especially not the land. There are taxes you must pay. You still have to work. Even if you paid off the house with 30 F****** YEARS of your time and labor, you still don’t own the land OR THE HOUSE because they can take ALL YOUR S*** if you don’t pay taxes. So even after all that work and labor and time and energy you put into it, they can still take it if you don’t pay them. You don’t work for you. You work for them. They own the land and the home. You merely pay rent. They own it and they own you. You are NOT FREE! If you think you are. You are deluding yourself.