A note on alien invasion. While writing my scifi apocalyptic novel series I realized something and that got me to thinking. People who love scifi may already know this.

If an alien invasion were to happen, we would most likely not know it until it’s too late. Even if we did see them coming (which would be nearly impossible given our current technology) any alien civilization that has the ability to travel between solar systems (interstellar travel) would almost certainly also have technology that would destroy us before we could react. Be it weapons of mass destruction, or even weaponized biologicals like viruses.

I would even go so far as to say nanotechnolgy would be developed to wipe our any alien species they came across that might either pose a threat to them or the planet they’re “infecting”.

Also, we may not pose a threat to them at all.

For us to assume that aliens would feel threatened by us is arrogant. We may appear to be primitive and they may look on us like we’re mere insects. A pest.

Or worse, they may look at us as a virus infecting the planet.

Ever see pics of earth from space? it’s got an eery similarity to what a virus looks like in a petri dish.

Maybe their purpose is to “CLEAN and DISINFECT” planets which have been “INFECTED” with hominids (assuming evolution happens similarly throughout the galaxy/universe and other lifeforms develop similarly to humans given the same gravity, temperatures, pressures, atmospheric oxygen-nitrogen mixture, etc.).

If an alien civilization with sufficient technology to travel between solar systems and across the galaxy ever did show up on our doorstep you can bet your ass there’s probably a 100% chance that their technology is so fucking advanced we wouldn’t be a threat to them at all and it would be arrogant of us to think we would be.

I’ve often wondered how alien life would evolve in the rest of the galaxy or even in the rest of the universe.

If aliens ever do find us, we better hope like hell they’re friendly. I’d advise against trying to contact them. Sending radio signals to other star systems seems like inviting our neighbors over do dinner and we might be their dinner.

It’s foolish. We don’t know what’s out there. We’re very vulnerable and we are most probably weak compared to highly technologically advanced aliens. We shouldn’t let our ignorance and arrogance destroy humanity by inviting our destructors over to our place for dinner.

It’s stupid! Ignorant people will say “There are no aliens.” or “It doesn’t matter.” but it does matter.

There should be a law against intentionally trying to contact aliens. but that would be silly huh?

It’s only silly until the aliens show up.

I’d rather be accused of being silly and stupid than be destroyed by angry aliens.

Just saying.