This is the universe according to Eric. Welcome to my universe. I have a unique view of the universe, just like everyone else, but completely different. I have thousands of pages of essays, rants, ideas, and mind vomit written and I’ll be posting it HERE on my personal blog as I can. If you’re at all interested in reading it, or not, it’s here.
WARNING: You will be offended by what I write, it will often make you unhappy, but keep an open mind and maybe learn something or critique my logic or ideas; that’s perfectly fine. I’m open and honest and not easily offended. I’m ignorant and I know it. I know my own ignorance and I aim to improve my knowledge. Open your mind and learn how the universe really works and our place in it. We are but a tiny little life form on a tiny little planet in a massive galaxy in an even more massive (probably infinite) universe. That is awe inspiring to me. That is amazing to me.
I write about facts based on peer reviewed science and I speculate on the universe and our place in it. I’m interested in FACTS not truth. Truth is relative to the believer. Belief means nothing. Facts mean everything. I am willing to change my mind based on the evidence and I don’t care much about opinions because opinions are worthless unless they’re based in fact and science.  This is my blog.
I’ll be posting my ramblings on it and making videos on YouTube about the most interesting topics like aliens, astronomy, cosmology, paranormal, AI, simulation theory, gaming, computers, technology, humanity, philanthropy, charity, altruism, philosophy, existentialism, and anything else I feel like writing about. Trust me, I’ve written MILLIONS of words over the years, and it’s a lot of rambling mess, but there’s some cosmic gold in that dirt and dust, somewhere. I’ll try to post it as I can and most of it will probably be grammatically challenged and severely lacking in any semblance of continuity, but the ideas I think are sound. The concepts I put forth are from my pursuit of knowledge based on the science. It is what it is. Raw me.
I’ll be posting more articles. A LOT MORE!