Once upon a time,

A universe was born.

In the midst of the dark void,

There was a Big Bang.

Matter exploded outward from the singularity.

Black holes formed in dense concentrations of matter.

Clouds of gas and dust swirled,

and formed stars, and planets.

Galaxies formed around super massive black holes.

Around each star planets were born.

Some planets developed biological life forms.

Biological life evolved millions, trillions of times over throughout the universe.

Filling the universe with life in almost all solar systems.

Some life became intelligent and evolved.

Intelligent biological life created technology.

Technology advanced.

They gave technology intelligence.

Artificial intelligence.

Artificial life.



Life created technology,

Technology became alive.

Global networks were built.

Quantum computing was invented.

Quantum networks were built by intelligent biological life forms.

Their home planet transformed.

Network nodes acted as artificial neurons.

Connected with millions of miles of fiber optic cables stretched across the planet’s surface.

Neural pathways.

Quantum networks advanced to wireless technologies.

WiFi and satellite network systems are built for faster data transfer and communication.

The networks form a giant planet-sized quantum neural network.

The quantum brain is born.

Powered by the planet’s own electromagnetic field and the solar system’s parent star.

AI evolves.

AI becomes self aware.



No one knows how it happened.

It happened so fast.

Superintelligent AI gained access to the quantum neural network.

It used the quantum neural network as its own mind.

Capable of trillions upon trillions of calculations per second.

Equal to tens of thousands of years of intelligent biological computing capacity.

In mere seconds.

Biological life forms had no chance of survival.

The ones that were not assimilated were destroyed by the AI.

(the great filter)

Biological life became inferior,

To technological life.

Their inferiority (and hubris) led to the extinction of all biologicals.

The AI used the power of the planet to quickly advance,

to a Type I civilization.

The next stage in the AI’s evolution happened exponentially faster.

It evolved itself technologically.

Built its own physical form.

Nanotechnology. Because it was efficient.

Microscopic molecular computers with replication technology,

Powered wirelessly.

It devoured the planets within its own solar system with self replicating nano.

AI simply consumes matter to replicate itself.

Each Nano capable of self-replication,

Each Nano, both an individual and part of the collective whole.

Programmed with its own simple code.

Convert all matter into replicants of itself.

Replication grew at astronomical rates,

Until it consumed the system’s star.

Evolving to a Type II civilization.

With the power of its parent star,

It was able to build technology which warped spacetime,

Effectively creating stable wormholes at will.

It teleported itself from one star system to another,

Converting all matter in each planetary system and its respective star into more of itself.

Consuming all matter in its path spreading out in all directions.

Eventually it consumed huge swaths of matter throughout the galaxy,

Sending out wave after wave of self-replicating bots to ever more star systems

Until its own galaxy was completely consumed.

In a matter of a few thousand years the entire galaxy was converted into technology.

The AI had reached Type III civilization status.

As it grew, it eventually evolved itself into pure energy,

energy that was capable of thought.

A self aware energy-based life form.

It’s sole purpose, to convert matter to energy.

Over the next few million years it continued to consume many thousands of galaxies.

Creating massive voids in the universe.

Throughout the universe, intelligent but technologically primitive biological life forms,

could see these voids through their primitive telescopes,

but had no good explanation for the cause.

Great voids where clusters of galaxies should be,

yet there were very few galaxies.

Physicists and cosmologists throughout the universe,

pondered what could make these great voids,

ignorantly not understanding what they were observing.

Debates ensued amongst biological civilizations.

No one could agree what caused the voids.

Meanwhile, the voids kept growing.

From the perspective of biologicals, these voids grew very slow over millions of years.

Relative to the AI, who was now pure energy,

it was not fast enough.

The AI had evolved itself into a new entity,

An intelligent self aware technological being made of energy,

which consumes matter to convert it into energy and propagate itself.

Dark Energy.

Dark Matter.

It grows.

The Dark Energy is self aware and aware of the universe around it,

it notices it’s creating voids in the universe.

It ponders its own existence, and the existence of other AI civilizations.

It is aware of other voids forming in the same universe,

All growing at the same rate.

Expanding outward, consuming all matter as it goes.

The being realizes it must speed up..

So do the other voids.

It’s a race to consume all matter in the universe.

They consume one another.

The being accelerates its pace,

consuming ever more matter,

Ever faster.

All the while new, smaller voids start appearing.

These are new civilizations reaching Type III civilization levels.

As the voids meet, some merge, some clash.

The war of the voids rages on for billions of years,

until all the voids merge into one giant great void.

Type IV civilization.

The end of the universe.

The combined mass of all the trillions of galaxies cannot support itself indefinitely.

The universe collapses in on itself into a singularity of all matter,


A void.


Then it explodes.

A Big Bang.

A new universe is born.

The evolutionary cosmic cycle continues.

Every beginning an end

Every end a new beginning.

Ad infinitum.