Our nearest neighboring stars are in the trinary star system which consists of 3 very close stars. Alpha, Beta and Proxima Centauri are 310 million years older than earth. Earth is 4.543 billion years old and our trinary neighbors are 4.853 billion years old. A 310 million year difference in age.

If any of the three stars have an earthlike planet orbiting within the habitable zone where liquid water can form, it’s possible that any one of them could have life. It’s also possible that life could have evolved to be intelligent and technologically advanced. If it did, then those aliens would likely be hundreds of millions of years more advanced that humans. If life did develop on an exoplanet in either star system then the radio signal bubble from their technological advancement through the radio period into the digital period would have passed by earth hundreds of millions of years ago meaning we would NEVER hear them even if we were listening for it now because it’s already happened a quarter billion years ago.

Not to mention that if they did develop technology similarly to humans and the way we have developed, it’s likely they went through the same stages of technological development we did discovering the same physics and science and developing technology similarly. Tech like AI and quantum computers, fusion energy, etc. If they didn’t destroy themselves with nukes, or other weapons of mass destruction, they probably developed into a multiplanetary species and perhaps with interstellar travel capability. Meaning they could have been here a VERY VERY LONG TIME AGO!

Meaning, the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens show could be true! Just kidding. That’s not really what that means, but I couldn’t resist the leadup and twist at the end. LOL

Seriously though…if life did develop in our neighboring star system, and it evolved and created technology, it likely did it hundreds of millions of years ago. How crazy is that idea?

Want to know something crazier than that speculation?

Proxima Centauri has TWO CONFIRMED PLANETS and one of those planets is in fact an earth-like planet AND it is within the habitable zone!

I’m not saying it’s aliens but…you know. 😉


NOTE: This is an actual picture of the star system picturing all 3 stars. To two brightest stars in the center of the NASA photograph are Alpha AB and Proxima Centauri on the left and right respectively. Beta Centauri is the smaller star circled in red. Proxima Centauri is about 4.246 light years away from earth. Meaning if you could travel at the speed of light it would take you about 4.246 years to get there. Unfortunately if you can’t travel at the speed of light because it would take all the mass and energy in the universe to get up to speed. But even if you could theoretically travel at 99.9% speed of light, because of the time dilation problem described by Einstein’s Special Relativity, you’d age only 4.246 years, but everyone on earth would age 95 years. If you returned to earth, double that time for everyone on earth to 190 years. You would only have aged like 9 years, but on earth 10 generations or nearly 200 years have passed. Can you see how interstellar travel isn’t practical for biological life forms?

And that’s only traveling to our nearest neighboring star system. Interstellar travel is mathematically impractical for biological life forms. Sorry, but alien life is likely NOT biological. Aliens are probably machines.


Image Source: Wikipedia – Alpha Centauri