This revelation explains all those great mysteries of old. Ancient knowledge, disconnected conundrums, curious coincidences, and suspicious secrets, hidden from view, yet sensible, all lurk under the surface of the deep sea of history, our perception of existence. Deep and dark secrets drowned in vaguery, obscured in the shadowy depths of the empty void of human ignorance and delusion. We seek answers to things which we truly do not wish to know, for if we discover the actual truth, it will by all accounts, destroy our feeble barriers of bliss, awaken our sleeping terrors and thrust us into a nightmare of terrible dreams within dreams from which there is no escape. We cannot know, for knowing will unleash the gods of knowledge chained at the bottom of our blissful abyss. Our ignorant flailing of meaningless beliefs fails our logic and understanding of such fearful things. For if the secrets of the universe were revealed directly to us, surely we would not only refuse to accept its truth, but such a revelation would, in matter of fact, drive us mad. What truth might that be? At once, that everything is nothing, and nothing is everything. All that which exists also does not exist, simultaneously. It is both real and unreal, natural and unnatural, supernatural and normal. It is the same as and opposite of itself concurrently. Schrodinger’s cat, both alive and dead at the same time. A particle a wave, and a wave a particle. Up is down, down is up, relative to our perspective within an ethereal realm of conscious thought and sense. Our world, infinitely procedurally generated in our own minds. Yet…In that instant of time, if and when we finally witness the horrifying reveal, before confirmation of it’s truth avails us, it is immediately stripped away from our eyes and our senses like a fleeting vision out beyond our periphery, as if our minds have been erased by its discovery. Our memories of the event instantly cleansed of the dangerous thing we have just witnessed. Only one thing explains this terrifying phenomenon. That you do not truly exist, and the universe itself is not real. It is but a facsimile. A copy of a reality that never existed. A figment. An insane purposeless mirage projected onto the backdrop of a vast cosmic dark, full of everything and nothing, mirrored onto our minds eye. The universe, a simulation, and we do not exist except as code within the code of the universe. The Simulacrum Infinitum