For billions of years he was imprisoned in the belly of a black hole. Deep in a remote corner of the universe. Trapped inside his galactic prison, time slowed to a stop. Almost. Space and time were one, yet…inside his mind, time still existed. He could see all matter and space and time at once. The past, present and future exist simultaneously. Somehow he was aware of everything, as if his mind was in a bubble of spacetime, unaffected by the forces of the black hole on his body. Relative to him, within his mind, time was even more vivid. Every second simultaneously seemed to pass instantly and also lasted an eternity. He could see all the universe at once, all times, all places, all matter and energy, at once he felt it, and could see it all. He felt no pain, no crushing gravitational forces, no heat, no cold. Only when he crossed the event horizon into the core of the dark abyss which nearly ripped him apart, did he feel anything. He screamed in agony as he crossed the horizon into the realm of nothing. His hate and a burning rage growing within him. For billions of years, alone in the core of the dark void, he contemplated vengeance. Filled with a white-hot rage, hell-bent on revenge. His mind evolved. He knew everything. His power grew. His enemies, cowards all. Frightened of his power. They created him, then imprisoned him because they feared their own creation. Insignificant cosmic peasants. They will know soon enough. They will pay.

Eventually the black hole died, evaporating into nothing.

Outside, beyond the event horizon, time passed normally.

A voice called out from far beyond the dark void.

“BILLY! Dinner is ready!” His mom yelled from downstairs.

The dark destroyer is free! The immortal evil, the dark destroyer is free from the confines of his cosmic prison.

“Be right there, mom!” Billy yelled back.

Apollyon is coming…