I think aliens are camouflaged. Seriously. Think about it. Every creature on earth uses camouflage to some degree. Including humans. Predators use camouflage to stalk prey and prey uses camouflage to hide from predators. Humans use camouflage to hunt food and game and the game we hunt uses camouflage to stay hidden from us. We use camouflage in our military operations to hide ourselves visually with camouflage clothing, and we paint our ships and aircraft and trucks and tanks camouflage to hide them from enemies. We also hide our ships and aircraft from radar.

We have radio jamming, microwave jamming, and other types of electronic camouflage as well. We have stealth aircraft which are camouflaged to radar. We camouflage our weapons and gear and our vehicles for war. All animals use camouflage to hunt or hide from hunters. So, if that’s the case here on earth, we have no reason to believe that it would be any different elsewhere in the universe.

Do we really think aliens would be openly advertising their locations to everyone else in the universe? That seems like a bad way to do things. There’s always a bigger, stronger, faster or more intelligent creature out there that can and will destroy us if it can. There’s no reason to think it won’t.

It makes sense that any aliens that exist out there that have advanced beyond the primitive into the technologically advanced stages will use some kind of camouflage to hide themselves from other stronger, more powerful, more intelligent species in the universe.

Evolution works. It would be pretty stupid for an alien civilization to advertise their location to strangers. We know the dangers of advertising our locations and personal information online, why wouldn’t the same rules hold true throughout the universe? Seems like not hiding is a bad idea that will almost certainly lead to extinction. Look at what happened with indigenous peoples throughout our world on our planet throughout human history. It didn’t turn out well for them.

So it makes logical sense that it would not go well for humans if we advertised our location to any aliens that might be out there listening. And hunting.

Yeah…there could be an alien civilization made up of alien hunters whose sole mission is to seek and destroy new life and new civilizations.

The opposite of the whole Star Trek Prime Directive Much like the Borg.

If that’s the case, then it makes sense that aliens would want and need to hide for survival. What better way to hide in the blackness of space than to obscure your civilization from view by emitting less energy. Erasing the heat signature of waste heat from energy usage. A Type I alien civilization could essentially do this, certainly a Type II alien civilization would have the ability to minimize their heat signature and they would almost certainly stop using radio communications because those are not as easily controllable as some directed light wave communications either via laser or microwave or some such narrow-beam system. Heck, they might even have quantum communications of some kind. 

The idea is to make yourselves invisible to predators. Every life form on earth is either predator or prey of some kind or another. They all camouflage themselves. Mostly to hide from predators.

There are numerous fictional stories of alien civilizations that are hunter killers. Moreover, I think this is normal in the universe.

It’s naïve to think that aliens would be benevolent. They could be nice, but most likely they’ll be hostile. Everything else is hostile, why would aliens be any different?

This could also be why we haven’t found any evidence of aliens civilizations out there in the universe yet.

If correct, it answers Fermi’s Paradox question, “Where is everyone?”


Everyone is hiding!


I didn’t set out to deliberately try to solve Fermi’s Paradox, and I think until we have more data (like actual evidence of alien civilizations) we won’t know, and it’s likely we won’t know until it’s too late anyway. This hypothesis could also explain what the Great Filter is. It could be that there is no other life out there because it destroys itself. That is a possibility. OR it’s destroyed by other alien civilizations. OR everyone knows it’s dangerous out there so they develop technology to HIDE and remain undetected.

This latter hypothesis makes the most sense and is likely the most plausible explanation in my opinion. It nicely wraps up a complex problem and logically still allows for the universe to be teeming with life, BUT…also explains why we have seen no verifiable evidence yet of alien life outside of earth. The laws of probability say that we are not alone in the universe. So if we’re not, where is everyone?

Fermi was right to ask this question. But…I think the answer is ominous and foreboding. If I’m right, this might solve Fermi’s Paradox nicely (or not so nicely, depending on your perspective). It makes sense. Every other life form we know hides and has some kind of camouflage to hide from predators. We have no reason to believe that the universe is a nice place or that aliens will be nice either. It’s likely that the animal kingdom on earth gives us a glimpse into how likely it is that the universe and aliens civilizations are just as hostile to other life just as the animal kingdom is here on earth, if not more so.

Life is about survival and propagation of the species. No species wants to die or go extinct and they will fight to the death to preserve not just their individual lives, but the lives of their entire species. It’s illogical to think that we are alone in such a vastly huge and ancient universe. It’s not just illogical, it’s willfully ignorant on the verge of delusional to believe otherwise, in my opinion. The sheer numbers of star and planets and galaxies in the universe suggests that the universe should be teeming with life. Yet…silence. Like a forest with no sounds.

Think about that analogy for a moment. Give that some real thought. You’re in a forest. Dark and alone. There are no birds chirping, no animals scurrying about, no insects, no brightly colored butterflies, no beautiful brightly colored birds or furry little creatures. It’s dark and silent. Not a sound. Not even insects are making noise.

It’s a dark forest and you’re all alone…? No. You know you’re not alone. You know that that forest is FULL of life! Yet something is making all that life stay quiet. Everything is hiding. From something. Something has them scared. The creatures of the forest are instinctually hiding. Survival is forcing them to stay quiet. Danger lurks in the darkness. It’s best to stay quiet and remain unseen.

The universe is a dark forest. I think that’s the most likely explanation. It’s the most plausible.

I think predators, hunter-killers lurk out there. And everyone is camouflaged. Everyone is hiding!