The Likelihood of Immortality

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THE LIKELIHOOD OF IMMORTALITY: This is one of my ramblings about the possibility and likelihood of technological immortality based on statistical probability, Moore's Law, science, physics, evolution and everything. We'll start with the tech. LIFE EXTENSION MEDTECH:  Pharmaceuticals - Drugs. Mainly these are merely treatments for symptoms or preventative maintenance, not cures for diseases. Although there could be a “fountain of youth” type drug that allows a humanoid (or any carbon based biological entity) to survive very long periods of time. Though not immortal, the being (human or alien) could essentially live forever IF cellular repair and replacement could be [READ MORE]

We are not alone in the universe

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Look, I know it's speculation, but, we are not alone in the universe. We can't say 100% for sure yet because we have not discovered life outside of earth, yet. However, we don't need 100% certainty to hypothesize accurately with a high statistical probability of being correct, that life is not just common throughout the universe, but moreover, statistics suggest it's inevitable. I wrote a hypothesis a while back called "The Inevitable Life Argument" which posits that given the scientific knowledge we have now about ourselves, our solar system, the galaxy, physics, chemistry, biology, evolution, time and space, that we [READ MORE]

Most alien civilizations probably destroy themselves

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Most alien civilizations probably destroy themselves. The Great Filter is probably technology combined with aggression and greed. It's likely we will also destroy ourselves before we reach evolutionary maturity. Uniting humans as a species may not be possible without some clear and present immediate existential danger. There are too many different religions, governments, political parties, cultural and societal barriers which prevent unification. Humans are not equally educated and hold numerous belief systems which are contrary to species level unification. As long as political parties, money, and theistic religions exist, humans will likely never unite as one species. Nuclear weapons can [READ MORE]

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