On Art and About My Art

2022-01-26T19:21:15+00:00By |Art, Business, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, NFT|

Ok, I'm jumping in with both feet into the art NFT blockchain Ethereum thing. In the meantime, I gotta sell some work, and quite possibly get a fucking job to eat and pay bills while I get this thing going. Most successful artists have a "THING" they do. Not so much a gimmick, but their STYLE and what they do and how they work and what they produce. All artists evolve their work over time. Always. Art is evolving. Infinitely. Always changing, never static. Art is dynamic. Constantly changing form. I think humanity is without art is lost. I also [READ MORE]

21 Income Tips For Aspiring Fiction Writers: Write Nonfiction

2021-08-09T17:52:35+00:00By |Business|

As a successful [nonfiction] blogger for a very long time, I wanted to share some monetization techniques with folks in the group. Not selling anything, but I think maybe some writers here might be interested in other ways to monetize their writing. NOTE: I know most of you are probably hoping to get your fiction book published, but in the meantime, you may want to consider nonfiction blogging to supplement your income while you write your novel. TIPS: Write your passion - On a blog and in a newsletter Write what you know - Only what you know or it [READ MORE]

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