DOGE TO $10!?

2021-08-09T17:48:44+00:00By |Crypto|

DOGE TO $10!? Is it possible? CURRENCY CIRCULATION: Dollar v Doge USD = 14 Trillion (1.2 Trillion (physical money in circulation) + ~13 Trillion in digital/checking/savings/CDs etc.) Some estimate put is around $20 trillion...factcheck this because I couldn't find a reliable source (including the Federal Reserve/US mint). DOGE = 129.57 Billion + 5 billion annually 100X+ difference/gap IF Doge is adopted as the crypto of choice for daily in-person and online transactions by a large percentage of the world's businesses then it has the potential to go to $10 or more. Could it hit $100? Probably not. But $10 is [READ MORE]

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