Evolution of Alien Life in the Universe

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Based on our knowledge of the universe and evolution (cosmic and biological evolution over billions of years) we must assume that organic carbon based life forms must evolve into technological silicon based life forms capable of interstellar travel. The problem with organic biological life forms is they are extremely fragile, especially when compared to a machine. Factor in biological evolution, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, cybernetic augmentation, and you have multiple branches of evolution that species could follow. Within any given intelligent technologically advanced species, some may choose not to evolve or merge with technology. In fact some groups within a [READ MORE]

The Likelihood of Immortality

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THE LIKELIHOOD OF IMMORTALITY: This is one of my ramblings about the possibility and likelihood of technological immortality based on statistical probability, Moore's Law, science, physics, evolution and everything. We'll start with the tech. LIFE EXTENSION MEDTECH:  Pharmaceuticals - Drugs. Mainly these are merely treatments for symptoms or preventative maintenance, not cures for diseases. Although there could be a “fountain of youth” type drug that allows a humanoid (or any carbon based biological entity) to survive very long periods of time. Though not immortal, the being (human or alien) could essentially live forever IF cellular repair and replacement could be [READ MORE]

Evolve or Die

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You can either learn, grow, and educate yourself, learn to change your opinions based on the facts and evidence presented, or you can die ignorant, never knowing the reality of the great wonders of the world. Choosing to "believe" in something that is contrary to or ignores the facts is not indicative of an intelligent brain. In fact it can be called self delusion and lying. People need to learn that it's ok to change your mind based on the evidence, and that evidence is continuously evolving, just like knowledge. People need to evolve their way of thinking before the world [READ MORE]

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