Interstellar Travel is a Pipe Dream

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"50 million light years away" I don't think think people realize how far away that truly is. I don't think they comprehend instinctively how utterly unreachable that galaxy is. 50 million light years! That's amazingly far, relative to us. But nothing compared to how large the universe is. 93 billion light years! Which means it would take 93 billion years to travel from on edge of the observable universe to the other. At the speed of light. Which we can't do. Yet. Even our closest neighboring star, Proxima Centauri, is a whopping 4.24 light years away. Interstellar travel is a [READ MORE]


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He reached for a bullet in one of the spare magazines in his tactical vest pockets. His rifle had been knocked to the ground in the scuffle and now he was fighting for his life against a very pissed off zombie. He reached for his knife but couldn’t get to it. The zombie had lunged out of the cabinet at him, catching him off guard. He fell to the ground, half turned onto his side, trapped between an air compressor and a wall. His gun was knocked out of his hand and slid across the floor. Just out of reach. [READ MORE]

The zombie apocalypse is upon you

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The zombie apocalypse is upon you. No one knows how it started. Zombies are swarming in massive hordes all over the cities and towns of the world. It spread fast. 99% of the population of the world has been infected with a rage virus. Law enforcement the militaries and militias of the world have been decimated by the infected. Small bands of the remnants of soldiers and cops have joined together to fight the never-ending onslaught of zombies, raiders, marauders, and the large gangs of thieves and criminals that have looted most of the resources available in retail stores and [READ MORE]


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The boy is about 13 years old… A seemingly powerless child, beaten down, abused, physically, emotionally, mentally; tortured for his entire young life, beaten, over and over and over again until there’s almost nothing left of him. His childhood stolen, destroyed. An outcast in his own family. A stepchild. Made to feel unwanted through years of neglect and physical and emotional abuse. He pushes his emotions, his love, his feelings, his pain and suffering and rage, his being, deep down into the dark recesses of his mind where it’s safe from the monsters. Over the years the rage turns to [READ MORE]


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Millions of years ago they were trapped underground by a massive comet impact which decimated the surface of the planet. This was many millions of years before hominids evolved. Before the impact they were a civilized, peaceful society. After the impact, volcanoes erupted, earthquakes shook the planet to its core, and a massive global firestorm scorched the surface. Clouds of dust and ash blocked out the sun. Nuclear winter set in turning the planet into a giant ball of ice. Deep beneath the surface however, life evolved. The Terrians, as they were known in ancient times, moved underground to survive [READ MORE]


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He tried to run but couldn't, he was stuck under a heavy metal door that fell on him while fleeing for his life from a horde of undead. Now he knew he was dead. Just an hour before he had been having a picnic in the park with his girlfriend. Now, she's dead, and he's trapped under a solid metal door. He's not sure how he ended up here, everything happened so fast. At first the day started like any other Saturday morning, except that today was supposed to be special. He and his girlfriend were celebrating their 1 year [READ MORE]

“You’re all going to die.”

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“You’re all going to die.” He said calmly “There is no escape. There is nothing you can do about it. You will die. Humanity will die. Humans will become extinct.” Why?” the man asked. “Because you will not change. You refuse to evolve. Your evolution is too slow, you have the power to change and advance your species, but you fail to rid yourself of the things hindering your evolution. Therefore you will die.” he said matter of factly with no trace of emotion. “But you made it.” the man insisted. You made it through, and now you’re here talking [READ MORE]


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SYNTHIA By Eric Wichman Synthia is millions of years old. She isn’t biological. She is a synthetic life form. She is self aware, sentient, intelligent, and able to move about and interact in the physical world. She is, for all intents and purposes, and by definition, alive. She’s a synth. In human female form, in her creator’s image. An anthropomorphic android with a superintelligent AI programming and a quantum brain. She evolved from an AI created by a brilliant computer scientist, robotics engineer and physicist named Cynthia Nan. Synthia, or Syn as she likes to be called, is millions of [READ MORE]

The Extinction of Species 1337659-a

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“A long time ago in a neighboring star system, we were contacted by our former cosmic neighbors. The developing hominid species formerly known to us as humans, which had once evolved on 3HZ1A, otherwise known as Earth, a small habitable terrestrial planet orbiting a midrange spectral class 5 star in our home galaxy, GC1.a, also known as the Milky Way galaxy by former humans. Humans were a relatively primitive carbon-based organic species. Intelligent, mostly altruistic and empathetic, with some primitive technological capability and great potential to evolve, yet never reached maturity or Evolutionary Stage 2 (ES2) by our measure. Which [READ MORE]

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