How To Write A Novel In 3 Months: The Simple Math

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So you want to write a novel but you don't know where to start or how to get from word 1 to word 100k to finish your book. In the famous advice from Stephen King, (one of the most publish famous writers of all time) he suggests writing 6 pages per day. But that's a little vague and confusing because the number of words per page varies greatly based on the font you use, font size, paragraph length, sentence length, and mostly, whether you double-space or single space. All of these have a great affect on how much content you [READ MORE]

Humanity University

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Humanity University I’m tired of sitting around watching greed destroy our humanity and not doing anything about poverty but make it worse. I’m tired of all the blame game bullshit of people pointing fingers and not taking responsibility for their actions. I’m tired of the selfishness and ignorance of poverty. I’m tired of the greedy rich and uneducated ignorant blaming poor people for being poor. I’m tired of all the poverty and hunger and homelessness and healthcare problems and educational issues, student loan debt and the sheer lack of anyone willing to do anything about the massive poverty problem we [READ MORE]

How To Never Make Excuses – The Power of Owning Your Mistakes

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Want to know how to never make an excuse? It's simple. Own your failures and mistakes! If you did something wrong, if you made a mistake or failed at something, own it and move on. If you hold onto it it will eat you up from the inside out. It's toxic. Get the lie out of you by owning your mistake or failure an not covering it up. You'll grow faster, stronger and be happier than you ever thought possible. The sense of pride you will feel afterwards is remarkable. Own your mistakes! Admit your failure and stop making excuses [READ MORE]

How To Learn Anything Fast, Remember It Forever and Have Near Perfect Recall

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Want to know how to learn anything FAST!? Of course you do. How much is it worth to you to learn anything faster, remember it forever and have near perfect recall? Would that be valuable to you? Of course it would. Do you think that would help you in your personal life and in your business? Do you think it would add value to your life, to your business? Hell yeah it would! So how come you're not learning? How come you're not teaching yourself how to learn better? I'll answer that for you. Because you don't know how to [READ MORE]

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