Humanity University

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Humanity University I’m tired of sitting around watching greed destroy our humanity and not doing anything about poverty but make it worse. I’m tired of all the blame game bullshit of people pointing fingers and not taking responsibility for their actions. I’m tired of the selfishness and ignorance of poverty. I’m tired of the greedy rich and uneducated ignorant blaming poor people for being poor. I’m tired of all the poverty and hunger and homelessness and healthcare problems and educational issues, student loan debt and the sheer lack of anyone willing to do anything about the massive poverty problem we [READ MORE]

Trolley problem

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Trolley problem. You know the thought experiment. The train is out of control, barreling down the track. There's a fork in the track with a lever that switches tracks. If you do nothing, the train stays on track 1 it will kill 4 people who are trapped on the track. If you pull the lever and switch tracks it will kill one person. What do you choose? You must make a choice. Either choice is bad. You have 2 choices. Do nothing and 4 people will certainly die as a direct result of your inaction. Do something and 1 person [READ MORE]

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