Interstellar travel is an anti-intellectual pipe dream

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Yet another reason interstellar travel is a pipe dream for biological life. You humans. We're not gonna do it. Get over it. It's unrealistic, impractical and poses too many health risks to humans (biological life forms). Humans evolved in a 1G environment with a nitrogen/oxygen air mixture. In other words, we evolved to live on earth, a planet. We are not evolved for space travel. We can still take short hops from planet to planet, spend a little time in space without much adverse effects. However, prolonged exposure to microgravity does bad things to the human body. A lot [READ MORE]

Should Negan Have Killed Everyone in Rick’s Group? Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 7 Review

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Should Negan have killed Rick and his group? First...Let me say this...if, after everything, Negan still believes that he should have just killed everyone in season 7, then he didn't really learn anything while being imprisoned in Alexandria by Rick and the group other than he wants to be in power and have control. Moreover, Maggie should have simply killed him back when he was in prison, but she didn't and let him live. Negan has had a chance to redeem himself. He had a chance to give Rick's group a try. Negan has had YEARS of living amongst them. [READ MORE]

Humans Are Primitive And Stupid

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I really hate stupid. Like for real. It's beyond my ability to tolerate it. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me.'s worse than that. It's as bad as death itself. It's powered by ignorance and delusion. It's not that all stupid people do not have the capacity to be smart. Some are just naturally stupid, low-IQ, idiots. But...there are those who are willfully ignorant and uneducated and who refuse to educate themselves and learn critical thinking skills and who are too lazy to think, this is stupid. This is the kind of stupid that is as bad as [READ MORE]

Humanity University

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Humanity University I’m tired of sitting around watching greed destroy our humanity and not doing anything about poverty but make it worse. I’m tired of all the blame game bullshit of people pointing fingers and not taking responsibility for their actions. I’m tired of the selfishness and ignorance of poverty. I’m tired of the greedy rich and uneducated ignorant blaming poor people for being poor. I’m tired of all the poverty and hunger and homelessness and healthcare problems and educational issues, student loan debt and the sheer lack of anyone willing to do anything about the massive poverty problem we [READ MORE]

“Get A Real Job!”

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"Get a real job!" An ignorant uneducated delusional superstitious fool said that to me once and it pissed me off. He didn't consider my work, my writing, my blogging (that made me up to $25k in a month) a "real job". A real job to him meant a labor job. Construction. Mechanical work. Something that paid a salary. Not writing or something on the internet. He didn’t understand it. He spoke from a position of ignorance. Ignorance of writing. Ignorance of the internet. Ignorance of search engine optimization. Ignorance of how to monetize a website. Ignorance of how to make [READ MORE]

My Proclamation of Freedom and Declaration of Independence

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I'm walking away from the system in protest to seize my independence and take back my freedom. I refuse to play the game anymore. I refuse to follow the rules that make us debt slaves to a system that cares nothing for our well-being. I refuse to go into debt just to live my life. I refuse to pay the stifling oppressive medical debt that leaves me sick, in pain, miserable, and in financial ruin. I refuse to pay medical debt which destroys my chance at the American Dream. A dream we all once had, but have woken up to [READ MORE]

How To Stop Being a Slave To The System and Build Your Dream

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Well. I tried. A last ditch effort to stay here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I searched for land here in SD and can't find ANY land FSBO with owner financing. Everyone wants cash, which means bank financing and that is a big NOPE! So. I am unable to buy land here. I'm stuck renting, which is why I'm leaving. This is complete and utter bullshit. Renting an apartment I mean...Rent is such a waste. There's nothing to be gained from renting. Sure, you get a roof over your head but that's IT! Nothing else. You own NOTHING! [READ MORE]

My Struggle With Alcoholism in Conversation Form

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Conversation between my old self and my new self about alcoholism and having “Just one drink.”. I write this because these are the "feelings" I have everyday and I think writing about it in conversation form hopefully brings out the feelings I struggle with better and in a way that other people who struggle with alcoholism/addiction can relate to in a positive way. The struggle is real and this is how it feels. For me. ###### I'm tired. Worn out. Need a break...and a drink. But I quit drinking. Ugh...I wonder if I can have just 1 drink...? That's how [READ MORE]

Live Your Life Now, Do Your Dreams Now Don’t Wait Because ‘The Right Time’ Never Comes

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I'm amazed that people actually believe that a normal life is to finish grade school, go to college, take on huge unforgivable debt, get a job, start a family, raise kids, buy a house, buy 2 cars, take on more massive debt, work 40 or 50 years to pay it off, retire (hopefully) and die. WTF? It's literally socially taboo to do anything that deviates from this "normal" that society has imposed on us. Yeah? There's nothing normal about it. All your good years are spent working for someone else to pay off debt that you almost have to get [READ MORE]

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