An Explanation of All Things Mysterious

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This revelation explains all those great mysteries of old. Ancient knowledge, disconnected conundrums, curious coincidences, and suspicious secrets, hidden from view, yet sensible, all lurk under the surface of the deep sea of history, our perception of existence. Deep and dark secrets drowned in vaguery, obscured in the shadowy depths of the empty void of human ignorance and delusion. We seek answers to things which we truly do not wish to know, for if we discover the actual truth, it will by all accounts, destroy our feeble barriers of bliss, awaken our sleeping terrors and thrust us into a nightmare [READ MORE]

Ad Infinitum

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Once upon a time, A universe was born. In the midst of the dark void, There was a Big Bang. Matter exploded outward from the singularity. Black holes formed in dense concentrations of matter. Clouds of gas and dust swirled, and formed stars, and planets. Galaxies formed around super massive black holes. Around each star planets were born. Some planets developed biological life forms. Biological life evolved millions, trillions of times over throughout the universe. Filling the universe with life in almost all solar systems. Some life became intelligent and evolved. Intelligent biological life created technology. Technology advanced. They gave [READ MORE]

Interstellar travel might be pointless

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What is more plausible/likely, Aliens or Time Travelers? I personally think future human time travelers are more likely than aliens visiting earth, given the sheer distance between solar systems. However. If you can travel through time, you likely also have the ability to travel through space because at some point in physics space and time become spacetime. Spacetime is one. So, time travel is the same as space travel because they're one. Here's an example. There's a thing called time-dilation as you increase speed and distance from earth. The closer you get to the speed of light, the farther you [READ MORE]


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LOOK AT THAT GALAXY! Now think about our "special" place in the universe. Andromeda Galaxy (M31): Is 2.5 million light years away, 220k light years across, and contains over 1 TRILLION stars. It's our nearest neighboring galaxy to our Milky Way galaxy. If you were to travel to Andromeda at the speed of light it would take you 2.5 MILLION years to get there. If you were already there and traveled from edge to edge at the speed of light, it would take you 220k years to cross it's vast island of stars. Each one of the 1 TRILLION stars [READ MORE]

Simulacrum Infinitum

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Simulacrum Infinitum By Eric Wichman This is the basis for the universe in which my novel (game story) takes place. The title of my story is GENERATIONS: Legend Of The Tome, you can check out the website here: The Premise: A universal simulation hypothesis as the foundation of my novel’s universe. The physics, chemistry, biology, the everything of everything. This is the basis for an hypothesis of an infinite universe of infinite universes, simulations of universes inside universes inside universes. Simulations inside simulations ad infinitum. i.e. The Simulacrum Infinitum On this foundation I build the universe. TIMELINE: Billions of [READ MORE]

Quantum Life Hypothesis

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In my research and while writing my GENERATIONS: Legend Of The Tome story for the video game I'm trying to build, I took a deep dive into the history of computing, AI, evolution, biology, chemistry, planetary science, astrobiology and computer science. In my study I have come up with a scientific hypothesis about how many kinds of life there are in the universe and what those 3 kinds of life in the universe are. My scale is similar to the Kardashev Scale. Only my scale focuses on the chemical makeup of life. I call it the Quantum Life Hypothesis. (and [READ MORE]

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