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At age 45, I’m changing my career…I’m going to be a software developer. Yep! A programmer. A coder! I’ve been building websites for a very long time, but have always been interested in programming. I can’t afford to go to college, so I’m teaching myself how to code. There are enough online resources to learn any programming language, so as long as I have an internet connection I can study. Never thought I’d become a programmer. Always wanted to write games and apps, so I figure I’ll start with web apps and games.

So what programming languages am I teaching myself? The TOP 10 of course. (which is a subject of great debate). But here they are.


I think that will give me a solid base to build on. It’s a lot of languages, so will take me a while to learn, so I’ll give myself a year to learn them. I’ll put 100 hours per week into it, which means by the end of the year I should have a Bachelor’s or even a Master’s degree level knowledge base of all 10 languages.

Is that crazy? Sure. It’s crazy. but I’m crazy, so it’s ok.


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