Throughout the universe there exists massive voids, billions of light years across, where no or very few galaxies exist.

Voids could be evidence of a giant technologically advanced species (most probably machines themselves) that built not Dyson Spheres, but giant galaxy sized brains/computers. (Matrioshka Brain) This makes it possible to avoid the “waste heat” problem by capturing the waste heat and reusing it, essentially making the stars/galaxies invisible. Which would appear to us as a void.

This is a hypothesis of course, and a very speculative one at that.

The waste heat problem seems like a big problem, until you realize a highly advanced civilization would likely figure out a way to capture/convert the waste heat rather efficiently. (Matrioshka Brain)

This would create great voids. This is basically 100%(or near 100%) energy usage efficiency. Which is a feat of engineering we are nowhere near capable of achieving yet.

“Voids are not evidence of alien life!”

We don’t know that. We can’t say that for certain.

“OK, but what about the fact there are still stars and galaxies within the voids?”

Correct. There are. However that doesn’t negate the possibility. That’s easily explainable when you factor TIME and energy use INEFFICIENCIES or perhaps FAILED tech in those areas where stars and galaxies are visible to us. Those could simply be galaxies that have not been completely developed for some reason or another.

“But, voids have been around since the beginning, since the Big Bang. The universe doesn’t expand outward uniformly. Natural voids between clusters of galaxies will form.”

Yes, correct! Natural voids form all over the universe. But the question is if it’s possible some of them are not natural? I.e. Alien civilizations?

“You can’t look at a void and fill it with “ALIENS!”!”

True. That would be a logical fallacy. But that’s not what I’m doing here.

We took a logical walk down the speculative road to reach a POSSIBLE conclusion and form a HYPOTHESIS.

We’re not saying “Voids are aliens!”

We’re ASKING what a Type III civilization would look like to us and working backward from there.

We’re making logical steps, starting with what we know about physics, chemistry, biology, and technology. We know how technology is likely to develop. Or at the very least we can speculate on it logically.

We can logically speculate that technology will continue to advance, most likely reaching exponentiality whereby technology develops so fast that it would be possible for an alien civilization to grow from Type I civilization to a Type III very quickly.

Humans are not even Type I yet. Even with our current level of technology seemingly so advanced, it’s nothing compared to where it’s going. The point is we know this and can logically speculate on where that advancement is leading to.

We can very accurately predict using statistical probability theory to logically speculate on the likelihood of any given type of technological advancement.

It doesn’t take huge leaps in logic to get to voids = aliens. Just lots of tiny little steps.

The first being to ask ourselves what a Type III civilization would look like.

A void comes to mind.

If Kardashev was right, an alien civilization reaching Type III technological ability would be capable of using all the available energy in their galaxy. How? Dyson Spheres and Matrioshka Brains.

What would that look like from our perspective? How would that appear to us with our technology?

Lack of detectable energy is what?

A void.

Simple really.

“But it’s not that simple! That’s not how that works. That’s not how any of this works.”

Isn’t it?

Ask yourself what would a galaxy with no energy (or all energy being consumed by a Type III civilization) look like?
A void. Right?

“No. That’s not how it works.”

It is how it works. If you use all the energy, or are currently using all the energy through the use of a Matrioshka Brain or similar near 100% efficient machine, then relative to a viewer outside that area, it would appear to be a void.

Am I wrong? If I’m wrong please explain how using all available galactic energy 100% efficiently, or nearly 100% efficiently would NOT appear to humans as a void? How would THAT be possible? Unless Kardashev was wrong.

You can’t hang your “voids are not aliens” hat on the Kardashev scale and ignore the Kardashev scale at the same time.

A Type III civilization would not be detectable. Because they likely use energy at 100% efficiency.

We believe it’s impossible to make energy do work without waste heat. We think that might break the laws of thermodynamics. But it doesn’t have to.

This is speculative, but so is the Kardashev scale and aliens in general.

Could a galaxy occupied by a Type III civilization be completely invisible to us?

Of course.

I don’t see any other way around this logic UNLESS Fermi was right and Kardashev was wrong. That we’re all there is, that we’re alone in the universe and then we’re right back where we started.

We clearly don’t think we’re all there is in the universe.

I think the voids could be evidence of Type III civilizations. I’m not saying it IS, because this speculation isn’t falsifiable. I’m simply saying it’s possible.

I don’t think this is a “g** of the gaps” or “aliens of the gap” logical fallacy.

It’s possible also that the voids are simply naturally forming voids, tunnels/tubes stretching between the gaps of galaxy clusters and strings of galaxies. Space is 3 dimensional. It’s vast and huge and we could simply be looking down the barrel of a tube of empty space between galaxy clusters and strings.

Or…how about this?

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. It could be both.

Humans tend to think something has to be one way or another. It’s a logical fallacy to assume that. It’s a false dichotomy.

Could it be both? Could there be both natural voids and alien voids?

Sure. Why not?

The question then becomes, would we be able to tell the difference?