ELECTRIC BIKES MAKE THE BEST APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL TRANSPORT! Seriously. I’ve been saying this for a long time. No one listens to me. An example of no one listening to me was 30+ years ago when I was in my teens growing up on the St Johns river in Jax FL. I wanted a kayak to fish out of. I talked to EVERYONE I knew, including all the boat dealers and my dad and I wanted a kayak so badly but no one would listen to me. They asked me what I was going to do with it. I said “FISH OUT OF IT! WTF you think I’m gonna do with it!?” Everyone, without exception said “You can’t fish out of a kayak, you’ll flip over. There’s no room. They’re not stable enough. It won’t work. Just get a canoe. Use a Jon boat instead. You can’t fish out of a kayak.” and numerous other idiotic lame a** excuses and ignorant naysaying b******* they had no g****** clue about. But I knew…I knew kayaks would make GREAT backwater, backcountry and inland waterway fishing platforms. Small, lightweight, fast, and STABLE if you know what the f*** you’re doing. You can get into skinny water and places you can’t go in bigger boats and canoes. Canoes are bulky and heavy (unless you can afford a Swift or another high end 25 pound composite hull canoe). Needless to say I could never convince my dad to buy me a kayak and we were poor so I never could afford one myself. Now…kayaks are everywhere. It is the go-to fishing vessel for ALL anglers who are serious about fishing. Every angler I know owns a kayak, and NOW fishing SUP boards are a thing…again, I saw a need for a SUP, the same as I saw a need for kayaks. These electric bicycles are THE SAME THING! They are lightweight, highly maneuverable, can be charged with a portable solar panel and wind turbine, even a hand crank, and SOME models of ebikes you can charge them by…get this…pedaling. Yeah! Ebikes are by far the worlds BEST apocalypse survival transport. It’s no wonder Special Forces uses them. Ebikes are stealthy, powerful, and you can carry more gear than if you’re on foot. You can travel farther, faster, and get deeper into enemy territory. More gear also means more food and water and ammo and tech, meaning missions can last longer, be more stealthy, and teams can move faster. They’re faster to deploy. Cheaper than other transport methods, and in a pinch you can ditch the bike and move overland on foot. They’re small, easily concealable, and in my opinion make the best apocalypse survival platform on the market today.