Evolution holds on to successful guesses. This is why life is inevitable in the universe. The improbability of life developing independently in the universe is “not zero”. And though circular logic, we and every other living thing on this planet are living proof that life is possible in the universe (and even more so when you consider how un-special our planet is). It would be an extremely arrogant fallacy to assume we’re the only planet with life, or even the only planet with intelligent life. Is it possible we’re the only planet with life in the universe? Sure. But it’s highly unlikely. Probability theory tells us that life likely develops throughout the universe much more than we think.


Infinite Monkey Theorem  

Virtual monkeys write Shakespeare

This applies directly to the evolution of life in the universe. 

If the code is programmed to keep words and sentences when it matches Shakespeare’s works and continue on until the next word or sentence matches and so on, then it’s not really generating it at random because it deliberately matches small bits of random character generations to previously known texts. The key here is the fact that Shakespeare is “previously known”. It’s rather rudimentary and crude. 

Evolution doesn’t really work like that, does it. It doesn’t have a memory to match random chemicals to form RNA or strings of DNA together to form life. Chemical reaction happens regardless though. Based on the laws of physics. 

Certain chemical elements mixed together make other chemical elements and so forth and so on. Water has a chemical recipe. Given enough time (millions of years) and the sheer massive amount of those 2 elements (hydrogen and oxygen) floating around the universe, the odds that those two elements that form water will come together eventually are high. All it takes is a planet in the right zone around its parent star.

Just like water, amino acids have a recipe. RNA has a recipe. DNA has a recipe. Life has a recipe.

The eventuality of certain chemicals coming together to form water, amino acids, RNA, DNA, etc. likely has a high probability of occurring. Especially on a planet with liquid water. A planet forming within the habitable zone is inevitable given the sheer amount of matter, gas and dust floating around out there in nebulae. Nebulae are where stars are born. Planets are born around the stars and some of those planet inevitably form at just he right distance from their parent star and water forms. From there it’s just a matter of time.

Given enough matter and time and the right temperatures and pressures, life likely develops independently throughout in the universe, but it’s not random. Random events cause it. Random combinations of the correct chemical elements make it happen. The method is random, but what happens when specific chemicals are combined is not random. What happens when certain amounts of certain chemicals combine is set in the laws of physics and chemistry. It’s repeatable. It’s a given.

This means that life is inevitable.