You can either learn, grow, and educate yourself, learn to change your opinions based on the facts and evidence presented, or you can die ignorant, never knowing the reality of the great wonders of the world. Choosing to “believe” in something that is contrary to or ignores the¬†facts is not indicative of an intelligent brain. In fact it can be called self delusion and lying. People need to learn that it’s ok to change your mind based on the evidence, and that evidence is continuously evolving, just like knowledge. People need to evolve their way of thinking before the world is dragged kicking and screaming back into the dark ages. Everything is dynamically evolving all around us. To ignore that and to ignore the facts and evidence is to be an i****. Being an i**** is a choice. Especially in this day and age. The universe is constantly changing around us. You can ignore it and stick your head in the sand, but you’ll be left behind on the wrong side of history. Evolve or die.