So, No Man’s Sky. It’s a cool premise and all, but as a survival game, it’s a little too colorful. Too light. To many happy colors. I’ve never played it so maybe I’m missing something, but…if you’re going to have a procedurally generated massively multiplayer online open world survival game like No Man’s Sky, why make it pink and purple and multiple shades of light pastels? 
HELLO! lol Like I said, I’ve never played it (and I refuse to play it because it’s PASTELS!), but I’ve seen enough of it to know that I likely won’t like it, just because of the colors.
Is that shallow of me? Is that silly? That is literally the ONLY reason I have not played it yet…the colors. 
It’s sickening to look at. Too bright and cheerful colors. Too much pastels. I H*** PASTELS! Pastels SUCK!
Gimme some dark motifs, blacks and dark grays, some dark reds, and maybe a splash of white, some electric neon green ooze, or reddish brown dried blood on the floor of a space ship. 
Give me a color pallet with lots of dark earth tones, rock, steel, no shine, just old and worn…you know…like a universe that’s 13.7 BILLION YEARS OLD! 
Yeah you can have a Naboo planet with glowing blues and purples and maybe a cyberpunk planet with more neon than the red light district in Las Vegas on New Years Eve, but make it REAL…DARK!
F*** pastels! LOL
F*** No Man’s Sky! lol
For the record, I may or may not play NMS, this is simply why I won’t play it, don’t plan to play it, and think it’s a stupid game because it’s made with stupid colors.