Call Of Duty, you guys should know better! Seriously? After like 20 years of FPS games do you not know that the cartridge is not the BULLET that flies through the air as you have it dpicted in the video promotion for your new anti-cheat platform? Come on! You guys of all people should know better. Seriously this is an amateur mistake usually from people who know nothing about firearms or how they work. Here’s the link to the original video on Facebook.

I get it, you gotta do something about cheaters online. It’s very important to make your platform safe for all customers. However…this is just on giant FAIL with the animation! And it’s made worse by who it’s coming from. Yeah, that’s the real Call of Duty account. See that little blue CHECK verifying it’s really them?

I was in disbelief when I saw this animation. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And it was coming from the official COD channel on Facebook. 

How did this slip through the cracks? How did this go unnoticed? Doesn’t someone review the videos and animations before they’re published online for the whole world to see? 

As you can see the video animation clearly show the entire cartridge flying through the air! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

That’s not how it works! That’s not how any of this works. LOL 

The whole cartridge does not fly through the air like that! The animation quality is awesome. Cool effects! I commend the CGI artists for their talent.

But…having said that, this is physically and scientifically impossible.

A “bullet” is that metal bit at the END of the cartridge. The cartridge (shell casing) holds the black powder and a primer and the bullet at the tip of the cartridge. 

COD, This is how guns and ammo work! The video animation below depicts the actual way a bullet works.

Come on, CALL OF DUTY!

You guys should know better.



The mistake is even in their official Ricochet logo! HAHAHAHAHA!