Seriously considering starting a new social media platform. I mean. I can write code…I’m just not that great at it. But I can be, I want to be. Does that make sense?

Anyway. I’m tired of FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and all the other social media platforms out there that just really seem to be run and operated by nothing more than a bunch of whiney overly sensitive millennials, GEN Y and GEN Z kids.

Where’s the GENX social media platform? The Boomer platform? The platform for free speech? The platform for everyone. The platform that doesn’t fucking censor posts just because people get offended by what other people post? Where’s the platform that lets posts be posts? Where’s the platform that lets people post whatever the fuck they want?

Free speech is free speech. But you have a bunch of people who claim to support free speech who support suppressing free speech when someone says something offensive.

Free speech is a human right. Free speech is the right to offend. Free speech is the right to incite people to act. (NO, that does NOT mean violence) See…that’s what I’m talking about. People assume too much. People are too easily offended and they think they have a right to be offended. They think their rights NOT to be offended outweigh freedom of speech when in reality the human right to freedom of speech supersedes all law.

You’re offended by something someone said? So fucking what! Stop being a whiney little bitch! Debate them. Argue if you want. But do so non-violently. If you have to use violence to prove your point your point is likely not worthy of being valid or considered good by the majority of humanity.

However. There is a flip side to that freedom of speech coin.

Humans have fought and died for our right to free speech, freedom of the press, the right to express ourselves, our opinions, and practice our religions or NOT practice ANY religion. That’s freedom of speech.

If someone says something hateful, then block them personally, report them if you feel there’s a danger of violence, but you don’t have a right to stifle or suppress or censor the free speech of another human being.

This is NOT to say there are not consequences to free speech. Nor is this to say that free speech is free. There is a price we all pay for free speech.

I believe hate speech is still protected under free speech and is a human right. I draw the line at violence except under ONE CONDITION. Only in defense of freedom. Including freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and/or freedom of or from religion, freedom from violence from others and defense of the innocent, one’s self, one’s family, and one’s property.

War is hell, they say. But we support war in defense of freedom. We support violence in defense of nations and humans and the innocent. We support war in defense of our ways of life, of our sovereignty, of our religious rites and rights, of our right to speak freely, of our right to practice or abstain from religion, the right to the free press, of which we all belong now that we all can publish our writings, video and images/photos online publicly for all to see. These are all human rights.

The right to defend one’s self is a human right and sometimes, unfortunately, violence is necessary in some circumstances and sometimes unavoidable. I wish that were not the case. But that’s the reality of the world we live in. Countless historic examples of violence in defense of freedom are available for all to educate themselves about.

Violence should never be used to oppress or suppress humanity or human rights. Ever. Violence committed by anyone in that context and that kind of circumstance and/or situation is inexcusable.

But I ask you. How do you propose to defend freedom without violence? The law? Sometimes the law fails.

The law is failing now. It’s infringing on millions of people’s human rights to free speech. Censorship is a problem, as it has always been. Suppression of free speech is and always has been a problem. Oppression of our human right to free speech is, one could argue, a crime against humanity.

Not as bad as genocide, but much worse than mere censorship.

The foundation of human freedom itself is freedom of speech. To speak freely regardless of who it offends. Freedom of speech is literally the human right to offend others by expressing yourself, your opinions, your ideologies, and your ideas without fear or reprisal, censorship, suppression or violence from anyone.

So…fuck your feelings! Freedom of speech is a human right and more important than your fucking feelings!

Freedom of speech, of the press, of practicing or abstaining from religion are all human rights that shall not be infringed upon. To infringe upon these rights is a crime against humanity itself.