Friends don’t let friends do donuts. This is your friendly neighborhood public service announcement from the Anti-Donut Association in partnership with the Blender Basics Committee. We, the 3D powers that be, have officially deemed donuts to be hazardous to your art life. You must not under any circumstances do the donut! Repeat. DON’T DO THE DONUT! No matter how powerful the temptation, or how logical and simple it seems, do not trust the donut. The donut is evil! It is the gateway donut! It starts you down that path into 3D world of art creating you will likely never escape from. It will consume your every waking hour. It will make you buy things, like a better computer with a better GPU, a digital tablet, a microphone and video camera so that you too might make more donuts and encourage others to make them as well. Please for g** sake, ladies and gentlemen, do not do the donut. It will set you on the path of no return into the deep dark world of 3D art. You will become obsessed and spend every last penny you make and every hour you’re alive doing 3D art. It’s an evil diabolical dark donut plan and we must all resist. SAY NO TO THE DONUT! #RESISTTHEDONUT #RESIST DONUT PREVENTION HOTLINE: Do you know someone who is considering the donut? Please help prevent donuts by call 1-888-NO-DONUT, you might just save a life from the dastardly donut.


(for those that don’t get it…it’s just a joke, guys lol; it really is a great tutorial) Let’s see those donuts!