Again…Facebook “glitches” conveniently when I’m commenting/posting a critique of a sensitive topic. It almost never glitches when I’m typing massive, long explainer posts that take me an hour to write. (and I post A LOT)

It’s ALWAYS when I’m criticizing a sensitive topic like racism, religion, xenophobia, etc. It’s almost as if Facebook developers are deliberately censoring posts and blaming it on a technical issue with an error message popup. I’d believe it was a genuine bug in the site code IF and ONLY IF the “glitch” didn’t consistently happen on sensitive and controversial topics.

I know enough about how code and algorithms and web apps work to know that consistent “glitches” that tend to happen while writing critiques of controversial topics seems more than coincidence and could be evidence of a deliberate programming method to censor posts that might be inflammatory or hurt someone’s feelings.

The popup that happens AFTER these “glitches” is rather convenient, and a great way for Facebook to hide behind a “bug” in the code. “Oops. Sorry, we’ve experienced a technical difficulty. Sorry for the inconvenience.” Yeah, right. B*******! F****** Facebook is censoring your posts. And THAT is an infringement of our Constitutional rights and our human rights to free speech. To speak our minds.

The Constitution makes it illegal for the government to infringe on your free speech rights, but corporations are allowed to do it all the time.

I get it. I really do. If you were a business owner you wouldn’t allow someone to come into your place of business and raise h*** and yell and scream and generally disturb and intimidate your guests/patrons. You’d kick them out, ask them to tone it down, and if they refused, you’d physically remove them from your store. Personal rights, business rights, and disturbing the peace, are all aspects of law relating to and affecting free speech whether directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally.

Here’s something my friends will likely cringe at at first, but if they think about it critically and honestly, they will most likely agree that my premise is correct.

I know you guys probably h*** Alex Jones. I personally think he’s a piece of s*** human being. But…I still support free speech REGARDLESS OF WHO SPEAKS WHAT! I can separate my emotions from the logic and morality of allowing someone to speak their mind.

Free speech is supposed to be “free”. Not free of consequence, of course. But free to speak whatever is on your mind.

H*** speech is deemed speech that is violent, harmful, inflammatory, incendiary, provocative, controversial, and can hurt and anger people emotionally. But it’s still speech. And if we’re to have free speech we can’t go around limiting what speech can be said and which speech can’t.
The moment we limit speech it’s no longer free. If we limit “h*** speech”, then we are going to slide down that slippery slope in fascism because fascism WILL take advantage of the loophole WE CREATED!

We will have no one to blame but ourselves for losing the very thing we deem the most important part of a democracy. Fascism will exploit and distort the definition of “no h*** speech” to mean whatever conflicts with or threatens their agenda.

Allowing corporations (who are legally people and have more rights than human beings do) to infringe on free speech is a very very dangerous thing.

We like it though when corporations silence Trump. We like it when corporations silence those who we don’t like, just like fascists like it when corporations silence those they don’t like.

It’s a battle, a war over free speech; a war to save democracy.

Free speech is the foundation of a strong democracy. Equal rights under the law. We cheer when our enemy’s free speech is infringed upon, yet we cry “persecution” when our rights are infringed. What does that make us?

If we want free speech then free speech must be absolute. Free speech has a price. We don’t like it, but it has a price. H*** speech is the price of free speech. Period. End of subject.