How I Went From Broke & Homeless to Making $300 a Day

I learned something very powerful while out traveling the USA. Being homeless and destitute will change the way you think. It changes the way you act. Hunger will do that to you. 

Hunger changes the way you think. I’ve never been that hungry before. I’ve never gone so long with barely any food before. Hunger changes you.

A little background so you can understand why I was homeless. I was homeless because I failed at a project I started. The project I started was called “Nomad Life“. The idea was to sell everything I own, hit the road, build a following on Youtube while traveling, and show folks how I made a living online for the past 5 years but this time, do it while traveling the USA.

I figured I knew enough about making money online, making a living from home, making money blogging, that I could figure out Youtube on the fly. I was wrong.

I had the skill, the talent, and a small following already and I thought I could just get out there and make it work. For all intents and purposes it should have worked. But it didn’t. It didn’t work because I neglected to factor in a new venue and my lack of knowledge of that new venue. Youtube. I made the biggest mistake anyone makes when they try a new thing. I went into it ignorant of how it worked. I thought I knew, but I didn’t.

I only knew how Youtube worked, from a users perspective. I thought it would be easy to create an audience, get sponsors, sell advertising and monetize my content. I thought it would be easy because monetizing content is how I made a living online for the past 5 years. I thought it would be much easier.

I was wrong. It wasn’t easy at all.

I failed at the Youtube thing right out of the gate. Not only did I fail to build my audience and the views I needed to monetize my videos, I ended up in a bad financial position because I hit the road and started traveling the USA with no income, no money saved up, nothing, no back up. I fell flat on my ass.

Before you say “No. You didn’t fail. Don’t be so hard on yourself.” Let’s be clear.

I failed and I don’t see that as a negative thing. It’s not a negative thing at all.

Let me explain how I see failure so you can understand why failure isn’t always negative. You can turn a negative into a positive if you simply think differently than most people.

I don’t see failure like everyone else does. Failure scares most people. It’s also a pride thing with most people. They’re afraid to admit when they mess up. This is one of the biggest reasons people continue to fail. It’s the single biggest reason why people fear failure. They simply don’t want to admit it. To themselves of course, but also to their friends and family because to them failure is embarrassing.

I see failure completely differently than most people.

First off, failure doesn’t scare me. I am unafraid of failure at all. (Maybe because I’ve tried so many things and failed at many of them I’ve built up a thick skin) I have no fear when it comes to failure. Why? Because I have the right mindset when it comes to failure. I look at failure as a learning experience. I know the risk. I calculate the risk. I enjoy the risk, to a point. It energizes me. ind of like a skydiver gets a rush from jumping out of a plane, I like the risk. Sure, there’s a little nervousness, but that’s what gets your adrenaline going.

Failure is an opportunity for me to ask myself “What did I do wrong?” and “How can I fix it?” and “What do I need to do to change and to succeed in the future?“. 

See, this is the key. It’s really simple. You simply have to understand that failure is possible, prepare yourself for it, be ready, then if it happens you’ll prepared and know what to do.

Don’t dwell on it when it happens, change how you do things and move on. As the U.S. Marines say “Improvise, adapt, and overcome”.

Always move forward. The most important part is not to dwell on it. Maybe the most important part is to acknowledge the failure. Be honest with yourself and it’ll make it easier to move on from failure.

Now, I can’t mention my failure without mentioning my haters and the trolls. It’s hilarious to me that they are laughing at me. It’s funny (sad really) because they don’t realize how ignorant they are. They truly have no idea. They’re the only ones laughing, pointing fingers and judging me.

I’ve not only moved on, I make more money than they do now. So, the joke’s really on the negative, small minded short sighted trolls.

While all my miserably ignorant haters are trying to hate on me, I’m laughing all the way to the bank.

Oh, also…most haters are BROKE AF. So, there’s that too.

So I failed. I acknowledged that failure. I didn’t dwell on it or let it get me down. I changed what I was doing and how I was doing it. I moved on. I moved forward.

I’m moving forward. Always moving forward.

I went from homeless, making $0, no income, and sleeping in my Jeep all over the USA, to making $300 per day and reaching my goals faster than anyone thought possible. My friends saw me change and how fast I changed and they want to know how I did it, so I changed my personal blog site to focus strictly on how I went from failing at a major project, being homeless and destitute, living along-side US1 in the Florida Keys, to making double the national average income in the USA.

Now I’m able to pay down my debt, become debt free, and by the end of this year I will have $3.65 million in sales and $2.3 million in the bank.

I’m on track now to building my $1 million dollar home in the Black Hills of South Dakota and a $1 million dollar home in the Florida Keys.

Success is all in your head. It’s your mindset. It’s how you think. Change your mind and your body will follow.

It’s all about your mindset and how you think.

Think Success!


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I went from $0 and no income, homeless, living in my Jeep, to making $300 per day. How did I do it? I changed my mindset. I changed myself. I changed the way I think and the way I do things. Once I made those changes things just opened up for me and became easier.  Things become clearer. The path was laid out before me and I followed it. Overnight (within 24 hours) I went from having $0 in my bank account to making nearly DOUBLE the national average income in the USA. (The national average as of 2017 is about $56k annually)

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