How To Make Money Online – Make $300 a Day Selling Digital Products

This article will teach you How to Make $300 a Day Online selling digital products fast and easy! I’ll show you how to pick your niche, create a digital product, market your product and sell it to the masses. Best of all I’m going to show you how to scale your online digital content business to create a monthly passive income that will pay you residual income month after month. Interested? I bet you are. Do you want to make money online selling your own digital content? Maybe you want to learn how to create digital products and make a passive income online each and every single month without fail? Do you want to learn how to build a membership website, create digital magazines, ebooks, and other digital content and sell it for a profit? Of course you do or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

First let me get this out of the way. This article is NOT about how to make money on Amazon or Shopify. Those are not passive income streams to make money online nor are they easy.

What I’m going to show you is the easy and fast way to create and sell digital products and profit from them forever.

(…oh yeah…one more thing. You’re probably wondering how I’m qualified to teach you how to make money online and why you should listen to what I have to say. Why would you listen to me? Because I’m a successful entrepreneur who’s been making money online for over 20 years. I’ve made as much as $3200 in a day before in passive income by creating and selling digital products online, I’ve built and sold multiple successful businesses, blogs and websites. My content is read by millions of people all over the world! I currently create and sell digital products online. My average sales from just ONE of my websites is about $300 to $500 per day right now as I write this. So yeah, I’m more than qualified to to teach you how to make money online…)

Are you ready?

Let’s get started.

How to Make $300 a Day Online Selling Digital Products

If you’re reading this I’m assuming you already have a website or blog and you want to make money online. If not go create one on GoDaddy and come back here and finish reading this article. You’re going to need a few things before you get started.

Digital Content Creation & Publication Tools & Resources:

Email List Management 

Create an email list! This is #1 for a reason! This is your most powerful tool! I’m not exaggerating when I say that your email list is the lifeblood or your business. It is by far hands down the most powerful tool in your digital content toolbox.Not only does it give you the access and power to contact people anytime, day or night, and deliver sales offers and information, it gives you that power to market directly to people in their homes, where they feel safe and  comfortable, and where they are most likely to purchase what you’re selling.Your email list is the single most powerful tool in your internet marketing arsenal.Sign up for a MailChimp account.

If you don’t like MailChimp go with Aweber or Constant Contact. There are a lot of email management services out there. They all do the same thing, they send email to large lists of email addresses. They have an assortment of features which vary from provider to provider, but they all do the same thing. Some have more intuitive email templates and will integrate easier with WordPress and other blogging platforms.Pick the one that works the best for you and that you’re most comfortable with.
Your email list is the symbiotic partner of social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO, Social Media, and your Email List is the holy trinity of internet marketing!

Internet Marketing Tools & Resources - SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media, and Email are the 3 most powerful tools you can use to make money online

Internet Marketing Holy Trinity – SEO, Social Media, Email List

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media drives traffic to your website, your website captures your potential customers name and email address and builds your email list subscriber base. This gives you the power to contact hundreds and thousands of potential customers at any time with any offer you have. It gives you the power to create meaningful professional relationships with your email list subscribers.

It helps you build trust and rapport with your list subscribers and helps you turn them into happy customers.It’s about SALES! And sales equal income and that is CASH money in your bank account. If you had to simplify internet marketing down to 3 things you. You drive traffic with SEO and social media.You capture prospective customers name and email. You sell them your digital products. It’s really that simple. That’s it. There’s no real secret to it.

Drive long term traffic with SEO, short term traffic with Social Media, and stay in touch and sell to the people on your email list. Continue building your list, always build your email list.Give them plenty of free content in the form of blog posts. Then when you have new digital products to sell, sell them by marketing direct to you email list!

It’s really that simple. People will try to tell you internet marketing is some big complex thing, but it’s not. It’s really not that complicated at all. It’s about people and human nature and about giving people what they want.

Give customers what they want and they will thank you for helping with money!

Create and publish quality, useful and actionable content, and this will drive traffic to your website. It will drive long term traffic and short term traffic. You then capture the contact information of your prospects by getting their name and email address. (in high ticket sales get their phone number and street address)

If you’re serious about learning how to make money online then SETUP AND BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST FIRST! Focus on SEO for long term traffic, and drive short term traffic with Social Media.

Adobe Creative Cloud 

Go sign up for Adobe CC. If you want to create and sell digital content then you want the best professional tools available to create the best digital content you possibly can. This means getting apps like Photoshop for photo editing, image manipulation and logo creation, Illustrator for online web graphics and logo creation, InDesign for creating magazine, ebook and PDF layouts, and Premiere for editing video.There are lots of other apps you can download and use simply by paying an affordable monthly fee.

Last time I checked the price ranges from $9.99 a month to up to $75/month for the full suite of apps. It’s well worth it because it gives you access to all the tools you need to make millions of dollars worth of digital content.Adobe makes the most powerful digital content creation and editing software on the planet. Hands down it’s the best! In my humble opinion.I’ve been using Adobe software for over 20 years and it’s made me millions of dollars over the period of time.I do my own graphic design and artwork, logos, photo editing and product photography though, so I’m a little biased in that regard. If you don’t have those skills, don’t worry…go to Fiverr and hire a graphic artist.

Word Processing App

 Write your How-To digital content in a word processor like Microsoft Word on a PC or Pages on a Mac.If you can’t write, hire a copywriter on Fiverr or Freelancer or any of the other freelance websites.


If you’re not running your site on the WordPress blogging platform, then why not!? SquareSpace is good, Wix is OK I think, I’ve never used it though, and there are others out there, but WordPress is hands down the best blogging platform out there in my opinion.I run all my websites on it and have been using it for 10+ years! It’s easy, fast and it works. Oh and it’s free. GoDaddy even has a One-Click-Install which makes it even easier.

Web Hosting 

If you’re new to digital product marketing, you need a blog or website, and to have that you need a domain name and web hosting. GoDaddy is by far the best of the best. Again, this is my biased opinion, but GoDaddy is the easiest and best. There are other web hosting service providers like BlueHost, HostGator, and others if you’d rather go with them.

Domain Name 

If you own an online business you most likely already own multiple domain names but if your’e new to internet marketing and want to make money online, then you will need a domain name.Do you need your own website to make money online? No, but if you want to sell your own highly profitable digital products, then yeah, you’re going to need a professional website and that starts with a good business name, a good .com domain name.Register your domain name with GoDaddy. This is just my professional opinion, but GoDaddy offers the best deals on domains. Sometimes you can get domain names for only 99 cents!In addition GoDaddy also has a domain name discount club which allows you to purchase domain names at a good discount.If you own a lot of domain names like me this saves you hundreds of dollars per year. There are other domain name registrars as well like,,, companies domain auction services and a marketplace for premium domains that are already registered. Some other companies like HostGator, BlueHost and others are authorized domain name registrars and will get the job done. Use whichever one you want.

Membership Plugin/App 

You’ll need a membership plugin to manage your customers and members. If you’re selling digital products and delivering these digital products via email to your customers each week or month then you need a membership plugin to automate the process.This allows you to create the digital content, put it behind a paywall, charge a subscription for access to the digital content, and automate delivery of the digital content to your customer without you having to manually email every single customer.I use MemberMouse but there are many other plugins. MemberPress, WooCommerce Memberships, WP Memberships, among others.

There are many more but you get the idea. Use whichever one you like. Some have more features, some are free, some offer premium versions of the plugin, but all do the same thing. They help you manage members and deliver digital content products to your customers.Don’t get bogged down in the details, do your research, pick one you like that has the features you need, move forward, build your site, create content and sell it. If you don’t like the plugin, switch it and move your members to the new one.I will say do you homework first though.Make sure the one you choose has the features and can do the job you want done. The most important part if ease of use and payment processing integrations. PayPal, Stripe, are the big 3 you should focus on. There are others, but these 3 need to be available payment methods you need as default!Not on a premium upgrade version of the membership plugin. I like MemberMouse because it’s straight forward, simple, easy to use and it has all the payment method integrations built in already.

Customer Service Manager Plugin/App 

You can usually manage your customers well enough through email and phone support, but there’s no need to do that if you have a support ticket plugin or app to manage your customer customer service.This is where you’ll have a customer service support ticket software which allows you to setup all the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section and support ticket system which allows customers to create a support ticket which makes managing things much easier.The key here is to automate as much of the customer service as possible to minimize the amount of time you spend fixing customers problems. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t provide stellar service. You should.But automate as much of it as you can, minimize the time spent and this maximizes your profits. You must factor in the time involved dealing with CS issues.

Accounting Software App 

You’ll need Quickbooks or another accounting software app to manage your finances. It takes a little while to setup an I advise you talk to a CPA. If you don’t have a CPA, hire one! You can hire one online, either through Quickbooks or other online accounting services.

Affiliate Manager Plugin/App 

This part is important if you want to increase sales, profits and scale your digital content business and membership website. There are many ways to scale your business, but few of them are faster than creating an affiliate program of your own.You can up on ClickBank which is an affiliate marketplace for digital content or any other affiliate program marketplace.

List your digital products on their marketplace platform and affiliates market and sell your products for you.Pay them a commission and collect the rest.50% is a good commission structure, it’s what I use and I think 50% is fair because a digital product is almost pure profit and you wouldn’t otherwise get that sell if the you didn’t have affiliates.Your affiliates bring new sales to your business and help you scale, so it’s only fair in my opinion to pay an attractive and competitive commission.

I use iDevAffiliate to manage my affiliate program. This allows me full control over my products, ad creatives, and affiliate payouts.You’ll need to figure out when you want to pay your affiliates, daily, weekly, or monthly.

You’ll want a grace period to account for your refund policy because if you have a 30 day or 60 refund policy for your customers you don’t want to pay a commission within a day of getting the sale and the customer ask for a refund. Then you’re out a customer and the price of the product come out of your pocket.You can’t really ask an affiliate for a refund without pissing people off. It’s unprofessional and highly frowned on. Don’t do it.

Have an affiliate payout schedule that’s equal to your refund policy.Now…you do have the option of having a 14 day or 3 day refund policy. You technically don’t have to offer a refund policy for digital products because your credit card payment merchant services like PayPal don’t give refunds for digital products.

I would advise however to have a 30 refund policy, or at least a 14 day refund policy just for the fact it’s a selling point. It creates trust with your customer and minimizes their risk. It makes customers more comfortable and when your prospect is comfortable they are more likely to purchase from you.

Make your customer comfortable, and make them feel good and you’ll most likely get the sale.The affiliate manager plugin can scale your digital content business exponentially! But be warned!

You must have a good system in place and your content must be quality useful content or you run the risk of getting bad reviews and we all know bad reviews will kill your sales! Create quality digital content an you won’t have that problem.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative and highly profitable ways to make money online that’s ever been invented. It is by far one of the easiest and it will help you scale your business by increasing your salesforce. Look at affiliates as your salesforce because that’s exactly what they are.


OK! Wow! That was a lot of stuff.

But wait. There’s more.

Once you get all your tools together and your website built you need figure out a step-by-step plan to create and sell your digital content to the masses. Now we can get started on that part!

How To Make Money Online Creating & Selling Your Own Digital Products

Pick a Niche – What do you love to do? What are you good at? What can you teach others how to do? Now for the most important part. Is it marketable? Can you sell it as a digital “How-To” product? You MUST be able to sell it. Figure out what kind of digital product you can sell by figuring out what you love to do the most and creating a digital content product in that niche. 

PRO-TIP! Don’t listen to people who say don’t do your passion. These are usually people that have failed at doing their passion and it made them miserable. Their passion became work to them and now they discourage others from pursuing their passions because the think they are helping people, but they’re not. They are biased and they are biased because they failed and they’re scared. It’s that simple. They failed and they incorrectly think they are helping other people by telling them NOT to make their passion their work. THIS IS WRONG! It’s stupid and it’s BULLSHIT! It’s bullshit because they failed! Don’t listen to failures except to figure out what NOT to do.Ask yourself why they are saying what they are saying. Billionaires will tell you. DO YOUR PASSION! Figure out what you love to do and what you’re good at and do it! Oh, and one other thing. Don’t listen to ANYONE including a millionaire or billionaire who tells you not to do your passion as your business. They are only saying that out of FEAR and IGNORANCE of how to do their own passions and turn it into money because they failed at it!

Yes billionaires and millionaires have failed. That’s part of how they got where they are. I don’t give a shit what ANYONE says, if anyone tells you not to pursue your passions, ignore them, it’s only an objection or an excuse for why THEY failed at it.

They are talking out of FEAR. That’s it. It’s that simple. Move on. Move forward. Do your passion! You’ll be more dedicated and less likely to quit. You will persist and persistence is the key to success. (you’ll find out later that there are LOTS of keys to success. There’s lots of ways to succeed.

Find YOUR WAY! Do your passion!

Create Your Digital Product – Finally, now you can actually create some content to sell. Keep in mind this is AFTER you already have solid quality useful actionable FREE content published on your blog to keep traffic flowing to your website.There are multiple types of digital content products you can create and sell.

List of Digital Product Ideas:

PRO-TIP! – The best digital product to sell online (in my educated and experienced opinion) is “how to make money online” products. Think about this. Most of these self professed online gurus selling “how to make money online” courses, ebooks, memberships, secrets and such, actually teach you how to make money online. That’s how they make money online is by teaching you how to make money online. See how that works? That’s what THIS article is about. I wrote article specifically to rank on Google search for one reason and one reason only. To sell my digital products and courses that teach people how to make  money online! Yes, I am using the keyword phrase a lot  in this page but I know SEO (search engine optimization) and I’m very careful and deliberate about what I wrote about. I also know something most people don’t. If you’re going to last in this highly competitive “make money online” space you MUST know what you’re doing AND you must stick with it. Play the long game. Social Media is an awesome tool for driving short term viral traffic fairly easily. But it’s usually only short term and doesn’t last very long. I build my websites to last. I’d rather make $100 a day consistently every single day for life than $100,000 once and never again. SEO is about playing the long game to get consistent quality traffic which converts to sales. This article will teach you how to do that. My website will rank TOP 10 and #1 in Google for many keyword phrases related to making money online and I’ll do it by teaching millions of people how-to make money online! See how that works!?

  • eBooks – This is the most obvious. If can be anything from a how to ebook, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, new age, politics, whatever. You can sell it on Amazon and your website. You’ll need an ISBN number to sell on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Don’t worry, it’s easy to get an ISBN.
  • Digital Magazines – You can create a digital magazine (periodical publication) on any topic you want. Technically you don’t even have to know much about a topic because you can hire copywriters to create the content for you, create the magazine in Adobe InDesign, save it as a PDF, upload it to your site, and sell it through your membership plugin. I’ll go into more detail below. It’s really that easy. Creating digital magazines is a lucrative way to make a monthly residual passive income with subscriptions. Selling digital magazine subscriptions is a highly profitable way to make money online.
  • Digital Online Course (Step-by-Step Videos, eBooks & PDFs) – Create a How-To course and sell it to your list. Create free content related to your course, and point people over to your course. Literally create a step-by-step “how to make money online” course.
  • Podcasts – Podcasts are the radio shows of the internet. If you like audio recording and know a lot about a certain topic then create a podcast about something you know how to do. Entertain and educate people about your niche. Post free content, and use that free content to sell premium content. Easy.
  • How-To Videos – Create how-to videos that entertain and educate people about your chosen niche. Again, post free content for everyone to share and drive traffic, and put premium content behind a paywall. Sell subscriptions to your content or sell copies of your videos or compile an anthology with all you videos and sell it as a how-to course.

This stuff is fairly easy and it will take some work on your part. Don’t let it scare you though.

Just figure out a topic you know about, write about it, create a digital product, and sell it.

You know about something that you can market and sell. Even if you don’t think you do. There are digital products you can create on any topic imaginable and there are usually markets big enough to sell enough to make a good living.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: Sell Digital Products Online


These are the actionable steps you can take to start selling your own digital products now.

Step 1 – Create Digital Content Products 

Use the tools listed above, Photoshop, Word, Pages, InDesign, etc. to create and publish your digital content on your blog or membership website.

Step 2 – Build Your Landing Page 

Make it simple. No header or footer menus that might make people click away from your page. No fluff and no filler that will distract your buyer from the purchase. Just use simple easy to understand sales copy, maybe an informational video or a quality image, and a [BUY NOW] or [SUBSCRIBE] button.

Keep it simple. People want simple. They want easy. Make it simple for people to give you money and they will give you money! It’s that simple. Decide now what your goals for your landing page will be. You can have multiple landing pages. One for gathering leads (email list signups) and one for selling your digital products.

PRO-TIP! Sell only one product on your landing page. Don’t over do it. Don’t send traffic to your main shopping cart page because most people will leave without purchasing.Sell them one thing on your landing page, then upsell them on the back end. Make it automated. ClickFunnels can help with this part.

Step 3 – Market Your Digital Products to The Masses

Marketing is about introducing people to your digital products and letting people know you and your products exist. Create search engine optimized blog posts and quality videos and share them on social media in places where people in your niche congregate.This creates sharable content that people will consume, they will visit your site, and if you’re good at it people will share it.

They’ll like it, comment on it, share it and click your links. Link to your digital products landing pages from all your blog posts and videos.Capture name and email on your landing pages!Once you have enough people on your email list, use it! Market your offers directly to your email list subscribers.Make the sales copy easy to understand. Simple text emails with links work best. It’s simple, less threatening, and people are more likely to click. This increases your click through rate.Again, the key here is to simplify the sales process. Your end goal is to turn your email subscriber into a paying customer.You do that by making the sales process as simple as possible.

Step 4 – Drive Traffic

You want to really make money online? Learn how to drive traffic! Advertise! Drive free traffic to your landing page and into your sales funnel with social media and SEO.

Every single online entrepreneur that really knows how to make money online and who consistently makes money is a master marketer. Become a master at marketing and advertising and you will make more money. It’s really just a numbers game at that point.

Again…share your blog posts and videos in places on social media where people in your niche market congregate in large numbers.This means in Facebook groups, online forums, etc.If you’ve got a little money to invest in paid advertising, do it!Sign up for an advertiser account on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Twitter and Pinterest are ok too but you’ll most likely get more traffic with Facebook and Youtube. Instagram is it’s own little world.

Step 5 – Build Your Email List

If your goal is to sell your visitors immediately then drive your traffic to a sales page with a BUY NOW button.If your goal is to capture a lead then send them to your email list subscribe page that has a [SUBSCRIBE] or [JOIN]or [SIGN UP] button. If your goal is to get them to subscribe to your digital magazine then send people to your magazine subscription page that has a nice BIG [SUBSCRIBE] button on it.

No matter what your goal is, your number one priority is to CAPTURE THE CONTACT INFO OF YOUR PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMER. It’s even more important than making an immediate sale. It means you can contact them again, share information with them, and eventually present your sales offer.

You will get multiple chances to sell them. I would rather get a person’s name and email address than make a sale right out of the gate. It sounds counterintuitive at first. But it makes sense when you understand you need to capture their name and email. Then you can sell them later. Build a relationship by sharing valuable information with them. Give more! Share more! Add value! Then make a sales offer. You will be surprised how much this will increase your bottom line.

PRO-TIP – If you let people leave your landing page without trying to get their name and email you’re losing money! You’re leaving money on the table.Be sure to capture the names and email addresses whether your visitors purchase or not.Don’t let your prospect leave your site without trying to capture their name and email!Get them on your email list!

Sorry if I seem to be harping on this. I see too many marketers focusing on traffic and not converting that traffic to email list subscribers. You understand. If you really want to make money online long term, then you need to build your email list.

Step 6 – Sell Your Digital Products

Once you have your landing page setup, your payment system is ready to accept payments through your preferred payment processor. Drive traffic to your landing page using social media, SEO and email. Thats how you make the sale. You’ve already prequalified your leads by marketing to the right groups or people.Forget demographics! You need to focus on groups. This is about SELLING not marketing. You’re already targeting groups of people by focusing your digital content on those interested in your related niche.You have the traffic because you’re marketing to the right groups and you have good content. Now you must focus on converting that traffic into money. Put all the above to work into simple sales funnel. Getting them to yes is our goal.

Step 7 – Scale Your Business by Creating more Digital Products 

Step one to scaling your digital product business is creating more content. Use some of the profits from you other digital product sales to hire copywriters on all kinds of topics.

Step 8 – Grow Sales by Starting Your Own Affiliate Program 

Having your own affiliate program will give you the power and control to scale your digital product business larger than you ever thought possible. Affiliate marketing works! It will bring you more sales if you have quality products and services.

Step 9 – Automate Customer Service 

There are plenty of customer support ticket plugins and apps out there you can use to manage your customer support. So you can also outsource it if you have a little money to invest in it.

That’s How To Make Money Online! 

It seems like a lot, but it’s really not that much at all. If you’re serious about learning how to make money online, this is how you do it, by selling digital content. It’s by far the most profitable and scaleable business on the internet.

You can make as little or as much money as you want, and that’s not an exaggeration. The only limit is your discipline, your knowledge and your drive.

Selling digital products is simple when you know all the steps. When you have the right tools, and you pick the right niche to sell in.

I hope you liked this article and it provided you with some value. Please consider joining my email list and I’ll send you even more awesome information. And yes, I will be selling you digital products to. Products and how-to courses that will help you sell your own digital products. Digital products that will teach you how to make money online.

See how that works?

If you ever have any questions or need some help please feel free to ask. That’s what I’m here for.

I love to help people because hat is my mission in life. To teach people how to do their dreams and achieve their goals in life and business. I teach people how to make money online selling digital products. It’s what I know how to do really well. I’ve turned it into my career and now I’m giving back by showing others how to do the same thing.

It gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride knowing that I help millions of people all over the world. It’s my job and how I make a living.

My job is to help you succeed!

Thanks for reading.

Good Luck!


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