How to Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Ads and Profit From It!

How to reverse engineer your competitors ads and make money doing it! Step 1. Start LIKING your competitors advertisements on social media. I mean ALL social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. This way the ads will show up in your Newsfeeds more often. Think of social networking websites as giant social newsfeeds. That’s all they are really. A bunch of people congregated together in one place endlessly scrolling through their newsfeed. Like every single page, group, and advertisement that your competitors are putting out there and you’ll start seeing all their ads.

Step 2. Click their ads and go to their offer. Not only does this cost them money (don’t over do it because you an get in trouble for it and might lose your account for abuse) but you find out how they funnel their traffic to their offer. Remember, you’re working backwards to find out how they’re making sales. If you’re seeing ads consistently then those ads are working! Also, don’t click too much on any given ad…The point isn’t to cost your competitors money but to see what they’re offering and how they are offering it. You won’t know the exact keywords they are targeting right away, but you can figure it out based on what their titles and first paragraph of advertisement, landing page and heading text is. A little deeper research and now you have their focus keywords.

Step 3. Once you know their keywords, you start looking at where they are advertising. What groups are they advertising in? Keywords will help you narrow this down. What are the customer demographics being targeted? This seems obvious at first, but it’s not. It’s not obvious because if you’re reading this you’re most likely not making awesome money in your competitors niche market or you want to increase your sales and if you knew the answer you wouldn’t be reading this. Either way, you need to know the market and the best way to find that out is to study do some research to find out where your competitors are spending their advertising dollars.

WHO are they targeting? What are their keywords? Where are they advertising?

Step 4. Once you know the who and where you can focus on the what. What is their offer? What are they offering? They’re most likely offering a freebie. That freebie is usually a download in which they capture the customer’s name and email. This gets the customer into the sales funnel, primed and ready to upsell a higher priced product or service. Once you know what your competitors products and services are, map it out from least expensive (free) to their highest priced offer. This will help you map out their sales funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

This is a sales funnel:

Scalable Online Sales Funnel

Diagram: Scaleable Online Sales Funnel – Copyright 2018

Step 5. This is where everything comes in together to make you money. Create your own product/service to sell in whatever niche you’re studying and duplicate your competitors sales funnel. Pick competitors that you see the most, who have the highest priced offer, the best quality ads, and the best websites. Quality. Don’t reinvent  the wheel. Copy what works and USE IT to profit and put money in your bank account! Target your competitors audience, advertise to the same people they are advertising to and get them into YOUR sales funnel. You make the money!

For those of you who are not big on copying your competitors…well, click away now and go be poor. Go cry in your beer when you don’t have enough money to grow and scale your business. You want to learn the hard way? Go for it! I’m not saying copy their text or photos or videos. I’m saying do what they do because it’s working for them. Don’t try to find “new ways” to do things. Do that later. Make money NOW so you can find NEW and BETTER ways later on.

See what I’m saying?

That’s it. It’s that simple.

Now go do it.


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