I really hate stupid. Like for real. It’s beyond my ability to tolerate it. It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me. No…it’s worse than that. It’s as bad as death itself. It’s powered by ignorance and delusion. It’s not that all stupid people do not have the capacity to be smart. Some are just naturally stupid, low-IQ, idiots. But…there are those who are willfully ignorant and uneducated and who refuse to educate themselves and learn critical thinking skills and who are too lazy to think, this is stupid. This is the kind of stupid that is as bad as death. This is the kind of stupid that’s dangerous to humanity. It’s the same kind of stupid that allows 27k children to die every day of poverty related causes. Humans are inherently lazy, selfish, aggressive, and lack logic. We’re impulsive and irrational and many are delusional. But when you combine all that with willful ignorance and refusal to educate and being too lazy to even think, then that’s when stupid is as dangerous as death. It causes death. It causes pain and suffering of billions of people because stupid people in power do stupid things and make stupid decisions. All the worlds problems are not just caused by money and religion, it’s stupidity and mental illness too, and one supports the other. Ignorance begets ignorance, stupidity spreads, mob mentality, mass delusion, mass stupidity ensues and people die. People suffer under the rule of idiots and low IQ politicians and authorities who should never be in positions of power. The fact that humans still allow people of lower intellect into positions of power is evidence that we’re still primitive and have not yet matured enough to realize we are making our own problems worse. Stupid people are a burden on society, they cost taxpayers trillions every year in bad decisions and idiotic policies that exacerbate and magnify the societal problems we have today. People in power are grossly unqualified to be in charge of the numbers of people they are in charge of. Think about it. ANYONE in just about ANY democratic country in the world can run for office. This office is won by TWO THINGS. Money and popularity. And the more money you have the more popular you are and the better your chances of winning the election. It have NO BASIS on qualifications. Would you let someone who has NEVER owned or run a company run a multibillion dollar company? FUCK NO! Yet we allow IDIOTS in office who are grossly unqualified and have NO BUSINESS in public office to have massive authority and power over millions of people. Not hundreds of workers at a company, mind you. But real power over societal and social programs that affect people’s LIVES and LIVELIHOODS! Their shelter and water and food and healthcare and education is being controlled by someone who has NO EXPERIENCE! Why in the FUCK we think this is a good idea is beyond my comprehension. NO! It’s NOT about “democracy” and “freedom” and “equality”. Putting an unqualified individual in charge of millions or even thousands of people should be considered negligence and gross incompetence and certain reckless and irresponsible. Yet…we do it every fucking day. This is not an argument against democracy. I believe we need democracy to protect freedom. However, we need intellectual and experience qualifiers; at the very least much more than we already have in place. I also believe we’re too slow to change. The time it takes us to make a change causes undue stress and strain and monetary cost on the system, costing taxpayers more money long term, as well as causing more and prolonged pain and suffering for millions/billions of human beings. Having an IQ prerequisite is essential for humanity to advance and build a better world. We should not be putting lower IQ people in positions of power because they simply do not have the intelligence to make the right decisions and are grossly unqualified to be in positions of authority and power over so many. We wouldn’t put these people in charge of corporations, why the fuck are we putting them in charge of our cities and nations? It’s fucking stupid!