I predict, once our technology reaches a point to travel between star systems, we will NOT in fact find humans out there. Humans will become extinct through evolution. We will evolve into something else, another intelligent species. Sentient super-intelligent, augmented with AI and computers, genetics, pharmaceuticals, and biomechanics. Eventually humans (as I think most intelligent life out there does) will merge with AI because it solves ALL the problems of interstellar travel that biological life forms have. Biological life forms are fragile, inefficient, and it’s extremely dangerous, counterproductive, and impractical for biological life forms to travel between star systems. The list of dangers and hurdles is not insurmountable, but they are numerous enough and pose such threats to biological life that it makes interstellar travel impractical and pointless. Which is why I think humans will merge with machines, AI, computers, biomechanics, genetic engineering, and pharmaceuticals in the beginning stages of the transition to a new species. This will likely extend lifespans and enhance intellect thereby speeding up the process of technological advancement exponentially. Exponential growth is not much understood by the layman, uneducated and scientifically illiterate. It’s foolish and ignorant and arrogant to think that biological life forms will try to travel from one star system to another. It’s difficult enough to travel to the Moon or Mars, much less another star system many many trillions of kilometers away. Not to mention the time dilation problem. It just doesn’t seem logical at all for intelligent technologically advanced biological life forms to try. They will realize and come to the conclusion it makes more logical sense to merge with machines, AI, computers, etc. TO become machines. Machines can last in space for as long as they need to. They are powered by both solar and nuclear power. Machines do not need air to breath, water to hydrate, food to eat, or pressurized spacecraft to live. Machines don’t need any of that. Superintelligent, sentient, AI powered machines. That’s what humans will become. Post humans. Humans 2.0. Whatever you call them. Humans Will Become Extinct. Because Evolution & Exponential Technological Advancement