This post is in response to Big Think’s post written by Jonny Thomson title “Lobsters, jellyfish, and the foolish quest for immortality” Where he says…

“…Being mortal makes life so much sweeter…”

NO! It absolutely doesn’t! Knowing there’s a whole fucking universe out there waiting to be explored and we’re only here for 70+ years MAYBE!? Fuck that! That’s a fucking ripoff! That’s a tragedy! That’s bullshit! Only a shortsighted, smallminded, masochistic ignorant idiot would say some stupid shit like “…Being mortal makes life so much sweeter…”. No it does not make it sweeter unless you’re a low IQ fucking moron with no fucking imagination or want to live life to its fullest.

Technological immortality is within our grasp NOW! It’s possible NOW! Yet you have a bunch of ignorant idiots that think this smallminded bullshit who make all kinds of assumptions about immortality and how it would be horrible or terrible or worse, some of these fucking morons believe we’re meant to die. Death is preventable. Aging is a disease! Aging should be treated as a disease and we should work towards technological immortality. Even Elon Musk is against technological immortality because he believe it would cause more problems than it solves because he believe people don’t change, and he believes it would possibly cause the destruction of humanity or at the least more suffering etc. But I think even Musk is thinking too narrowmindedly and shortsightedly about technological immortality.

As long as the technology were available to everyone, all human beings, and quality of life is good, I see no reason why technological immortality is a bad thing. Those who do not wish to partake or who want to die a natural death should be allowed to if that is their wish. That’s their human right. And so is choosing to live forever. When (not if) the technology is created to make human beings technologically immortal, it will become a human right to choose immortality if that is your wish. It’s a philosophical humanitarian question and should be voluntary and freely available for anyone who chooses to live long lives.

I think it’s STUPID not to want to live forever or at least extend our lifespans 3X, 10X, 100X or more. As long as the quality of life standard is good. Meaning people are happy, and the technology is freely available to any and all human beings because this technology would benefit humanity as a whole. Humans, if we do not destroy ourselves with war, will eventually achieve technological immortality. It will happen. 100% guaranteed. That’s where technology is going. It’s part of the evolutionary process. Biological life is only the first stage of 3 stages of evolution of life in the universe. Look up Quantum Life Hypothesis. (yes, it’s my hypothesis, and it’s how I think things work throughout the universe based on the known laws of physics and the assumption that physics and evolution are the same throughout the universe as a whole. It makes logical sense to become technologically immortal.

I believe the technology should be available to everyone. Humanity must work to prevent war and prevent ourselves from destroying ourselves though. We must get over that hurdle, and it’s a big one. As Musk said, there’s could be a lot of dead worlds out there where civilizations evolved and advanced technology on other planets, only to destroy themselves (one of the great filters of the universe). But I don’t think ALL civilizations destroy themselves. Some make it through. Some probably achieve technological immortality and interstellar travel. What that percentage is of all civilizations we have no idea because so far we haven’t found any evidence of life outside of earth yet.

Statistical probability suggests that the universe is teeming with life, and many technologically advanced civilizations. It makes sense that some of those make it through the great filter and achieve technological immortality. Humans should be striving for life extension and technological immortality. It should be a priority combined with making humanity a multiplanetary species in case there is a destructive extinction level event on earth like nuclear war or a giant asteroid or comet strike.

We should hedge our bets and protect humanity from these dangers of extinction. That means extending our lives with technology and making our species multiplanetary. Including the Moon, Mars, IO, Titan, and other moons, asteroids within our solar system.

Only a small minded fool would say some stupid shortsighted shit like “…Being mortal makes life so much sweeter…”. No…Living forever with a good quality of life and happiness and exploring the universe and discovering the mysteries of the universe makes life so much sweeter!