Travel At The Speed of Light

Humans will eventually be able to travel at the speed of light, not as humans, but as data.

Neuralink, as well as other companies are working on technology that will eventually be able to link our minds to technology and vice versa.

Eventually it’s hoped that we’ll find a way to transfer our minds, our memories/being to machines. This would essentially allow us to live forever, or at least as long as computers/machines exist. The idea is simple but actually doing it is complex, maybe even impossible. But I doubt it’s impossible.

One could theoretically transfer their mind to an android and essentially become immortal in the sense that one could continuously upgrade their bodies while preserving their minds.

It sounds crazy, but it’s viable science. It will work, eventually. We’re living in a time where this is becoming possible. It might take another 20-50 years (or 1000) to do it, but we’re almost there. Even when you factor in the slowing of Moore’s Law, it’s still plausible that we’ll find a way to transfer our minds to machines in the next 50 years.

Meaning, we will become data. Capable of beaming from one point in space to another at the speed of light. As long as there’s a machine to receive us at the other end of course.

This isn’t FTL (faster the light travel), but it is traveling AT the speed of light.

Essentially, if you are data, you can be transmitted from one machine to another wirelessly at the speed of light.

There would be no time dilation relative to the outside world. (or would there) Curious however how that would feel relative to us as data.

Assuming of course our minds would be 100% complete with all our memories, knowledge, awareness, etc. How would traveling at the speed of light as data “feel” to us? This also assumes we’d somehow be able to “sense” anything at all.

As data we may no longer have any of our other 5 senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell) since those senses are attached to our brains via a physical interface, through our network of nerves throughout our bodies.

This is highly speculative, but what would that “feel” like for the mind to be disconnected from the body and still be conscious? Assuming one would be conscious by definition and literally.

If we’re aware, would we be in darkness/blackness since we could no longer “see”? Would we “see” anything? Would not having our senses drive us mad?

Would we still be self aware? I assume we would. Our brains would still work as normal, right? A neural network. An AI. Code. A program. This would take massive amounts of space on a hard drive, and would take a time to transmit our full mind to another physical place, say on the opposite side of the planet.

How would we perceive time to pass relative to us/our data? Would time still pass normally? Would we still be aware of time? Would we be able to experience time? Would we want to?

What if from our perspective, at the speed of light, time stops? Does time stop at the speed of light? When does space and time become spacetime? At what point in space and time does space and time become spacetime?

Data travels at the speed of light. If our minds are data does that mean we are essentially traveling at the speed of light if we’re transmitted from one point in space to another?

I have no idea what that would feel like or even if we’d be able to experience time.

Time is relative. Relative to us as data, I can’t help but think time would stop from our perspective. Again, this assumes we’d still be aware. But if we’re not aware, then there’s no point in transferring our consciousness to a machine, right?

If we somehow find a way to transfer our consciousness/minds to a machine AS DATA, as an AI, then a million questions arise, one of the most intriguing of course would be how will that feel?

This is an amazing thing to consider. To imagine this happening and to try to guess how it would feel.

Maybe it’s just blackness. Since our senses would be disconnected from our bodies, how would we sense anything? Our bodies act as an input device for our brain. Each person’s body has 5 senses which help it interact in the world.

Sight, sound, taste, touch, smell. Some say we have a 6th sense, some instinctual psychic ability which is not proven nor is there any evidence beyond the anecdotal. Regardless there are 5 senses. Right?

What about our sense of time? That’s a sense isn’t it? It’s not directly linked to any of our other 5 senses…or at least we’re not aware of any direct links.

Sense of time could be our 6th sense.

To answer this one simply has to rule out and eliminate the 5 senses through deductive reasoning to determine if our sense of time is our 6th sense.

Sight – Can we see time? No.
Sound – Can we hear time? No.
Touch – Can we touch time? No.
Taste – Can we taste time? No.
Smell – Can we smell time? No.

Can we “sense” time? Yes.

Then our sense of “time” must be the 6th sense, or the 7th, if you factor in instinct/psychic senses and if you believe in that stuff.

So if our sense of time is our 6th or 7th sense, then how does this work? How is time perceived? How does the brain “know” time is “passing”. Technically, literally speaking, time does not exist, right? I mean if we’re looking at space and say what is time but a 4th dimension, is it a measurement? Relative to what? Our position, our speed, our sense of it?

Our minds think of time as a linear thing. While we have physical form that is.

What happens when our minds are converted to data, which is essentially energy. Bits and bytes. Data. Information.

Science is realizing that information has mass, and posits that data might be another form of matter. Energy is equal to the mass at the speed of light, right? E=MC2, Einstein’s theory of relativity. Which I won’t pretend to understand, which is probably why I have all these questions.

If information is data, and information has mass, then data has mass, if we’re data, we still exist because we still have mass. We’re a form of matter, right?

If our minds are aware of time, and our data are traveling at the speed of light, does that mean we will experience a point in time and space where they both become one?

Will we experience spacetime? Is that possible?

My mind hurts just thinking about this. I need more data. More information. More knowledge.

Data. What an amazing concept. That the human mind could be converted to data. Energy.

I know I’m missing a lot here, and this is way beyond my understanding of physics. But…I can understand the basic concepts of time and space and relativity and how we perceive time. I clearly understand enough to ask these questions. I admit I’m ignorant. I don’t get it all. I don’t understand it all. But these questions intrigue me immensely.

If we can’t see, hear, feel touch, taste, smell, etc, then will we still be able to experience time?

What’s beyond energy and spacetime? I don’t think there’s anything beyond energy or spacetime. Except maybe another universe.

Like I said. I’m ignorant. This kind of thing makes me curious. I think eventually we’ll get there and we’ll figure it out.