If warp drives are possible then AI will be what discovers how to do it. Not humans. Only with something that doesn’t exist (negative matter). I love it! We’re so desperate to not be trapped here on earth in this solar system that we’ll try to think of any way we can to travel to another star system. It’s not going to happen.

The greatest minds the world has ever known have tried to solve this problem and it seems, thus far, unsolvable. Sorry. But interstellar travel is likely impossible. Unless we find this magic anti-matter negative matter that somehow makes warp drives possible.

We recently created a warp bubble, BUT can we do it and make it stable? And can when transport matter inside it? To where? To when? Does the time dilation problem still happen? Or are the laws of physics unbreakable?

I mean…we can bend the s*** out of them…but warp drives might still be a pipe dream, just like interstellar travel.

Here’s what I think.

I don’t think HUMANS will ever achieve warp drives or interstellar travel.

I think technology (namely AI and quantum computing) is developing so fast that humans will have to turn from developing technology to surviving once AI and quantum computing are combined and overtake our development and evolution.

Humans will be forced to merge with technology or be destroyed by it. Not in the sense that AI will take over…but that humans will simply become obsolete and unnecessary for technology to develop. In other words the singularity.

The technological singularity is the point in time which technology surpasses human’s ability to control it, humans become obsolete, and to survive we’ll forget all about this warp drive and interstellar BS and have to focus on survival of the species.

So when I say humans likely won’t ever figure out a way to master interstellar travel, I’m not saying interstellar travel is impossible. I’m saying we will become irrelevant once AI and quantum computing come together…AI will become sentient and sapient. It’s not a matter of if, but when it will happen.

Likely within the next 100 years, probably a lot sooner. I give it 20-50 years, 75 on the outside. before AI reaches superintelligence/sentience/sapience with quantum computing.

If warp drives are possible then AI will be what discovers how to do it. Not humans.