I love the idea of “open source” and public domain. It’s all about collaboration, cooperation, crowdsourcing and crowdcoursing. Crowdfunding. Collective humanity. The power in numbers. Economies of scale. Exponential growth curve. Etc.

It works. But it’s very slow. Loosely organized. Inefficient. It could move faster. But, people, humans in general, are typically lazy and work slower unless they’re motivated and incentivized to work faster.

Open source is awesome! I love open source. It’s not just about building things, it’s about building better things together.

But, again, it’s inefficient and slow. Like trying to herd cats it’s very loosely organized. There are some open source projects that are exceptions to this rule, but in general, open source is not organized to it’s maximum efficiency.

I have conflicting feelings about open source. On one hand I love the philosophy. I’m passionate about it’s core ideological philosophical ideas of collaboration, cooperation, sharing, openness, and the betterment of the world as a whole through open source everything.

On the other hand I h*** how slow and inefficient it is. How long it takes to spread the idea of open source. How much time is spent developing and launching projects only to have them deteriorate when folks lose interest or can’t work on projects anymore due to family issues, life stuff, and other things that take hard working talented people away from projects.

If people had more time they could work on these open source projects more often and collaborate more often, thereby growing projects faster. This would help advance the open source initiative and technologies into the mainstream and reach more people and make the world a better place.

And therein lies the problem. Time. People have bills to pay. They have expenses. They have families. They have other responsibilities to attend to. Open source projects are great side projects. But there’s almost no money in it, and that is why it’s growth is so slow.

People have to spend more time working a job to pay all their bills and spend their free time working on open source projects, somehow balancing their time with family and work.

Open source projects are usually unpaid crowdsourced collaborative projects which get worked on as people have time.

If there were a physical place where people could go where all their bills and were taken care of, or rather where there are no bills, they could focus more on family AND open source projects.

No more 9-5 jobs. No more punching a clock. No more trying to balance family time, work, and play time.

But there’s no place like that. Nothing like that exists. Yet.

We live in a monetary society and you can’t build something like this without money. It’s that simple.

You could try to open source such a thing physically, but how do you incentivize people to drop everything and go build this place? You can’t. Not without MONEY!

It’s simply not possible to build something like this inside of a monetary society without money.

We simply need money. That’s it. It’s always about the f****** money. I h*** that it’s always about the money. But it is. That’s the reality. That’s the world we live in.

Yeah, I don’t know why I wrote this. Just frustrated I guess.