I h*** this greedy society we live in. H*** is not a strong enough word to describe the disdain I feel regarding the level of greed and ignorance of this society that we’re forced to live in. My tolerance for it is gone. But yeah, it doesn’t matter because I’m just some dumb schmuck that doesn’t matter any more than anyone else who doesn’t have money. I’m merely a peon in a peonage among other peons with no power.

It’s depressing how fucked up the world is, or rather, more correctly, how fucked up the monetary system is. The world itself will be fine, the earth will repair itself, eventually, once and after humans destroy themselves. (which we will; eventually; because that’s just what we do; because we’re an ignorant, irrational, impulsive, greedy, and aggressive species).

In the meantime we’re stuck in a system that doesn’t give a f*** about human beings other than how much money one human or group of humans can make by exploiting other humans for their time and labor.

If I were an immoral person it wouldn’t matter to me. I’d simply play the game and do whatever I needed to do to get that thing that gives me power in a world ruled by money. If I were an immoral person I’d simply do that thing which makes the most money without regard for anyone or anything.

Maybe instead of being so angry at the monetary system, perhaps I should just do whatever it takes to get the money it takes to have the power to change the world.

But my conscience won’t let me. So I’m stuck complaining about something I have no power over changing. Which is probably pointless. So why get angry? Because I care about others.

My compassion and empathy for others outweighs my need or want for money.

I don’t need or want money enough to do what it takes to get it. To participate in this system might be necessary and moral only if your goal was to help others and provide for your family. But even that is questionable considering even that small participation makes one complicit in the propagation of the system one opposes. Does this not make one a hypocrite?

The hypocrisy of working inside a system one opposes is palpable. It’s distasteful. How does one justify it beyond “I have to provide for my family”? Perhaps there’s no other valid justification.

Why do we do it other than because we are forced to because there is no other viable option? What is that? If we are not able to live outside the system, if we are forced to live within the system that is greedy, does that not make us greedy too? How does it not?

Do we not become hypocrites propagating our own enslavers? Do we not create our own masters merely by participating in the system?

How do we get out? Is there a way out? What do we make instead? What system do we use? What will make us truly free? Will humanity ever know true freedom? What does that even look like? Would we know it if we saw it?

How do we get beyond the money and greed to a humanity that is altruistic? Is that even possible? Is an altruistic humanity possible? If not, why not? If so, how?

I’m not smart enough to figure out the answers to these questions and I’m almost to the point where I don’t even care any more because I know it can’t and won’t be changed in my lifetime. So why try? What’s the point? People in the past who were much smarter than me couldn’t do it, so why in the f*** should I try? To be a good person? To set an example? To just be good for goodness sake? LOL

So naïve. It’s a simple thing to help someone. Not so simple to help the whole world and all of humanity. Unless of course everyone suddenly becomes altruistic and starts helping one another. But that will most probably not happen.

So again, why try? To make this world a little better now? To help people now? To make life a little more pleasant for a few people now? Why not just live life according to you and your own family and that’s it? Isn’t that what we’re doing right now? And where has that gotten us?

How do we get beyond this selfish self-centered mentality? How do we actually make the world better?

Maybe start by asking what is “better”? What does “better” mean? Define better.

Happy? Happier? Happiest? What makes someone happy? We’d have to define happiness; then define what makes someone/some group happy. Then we’d have to invent a new system; a dynamic system, one that evolves with the times. Not something set in stone or absolute because absolutes are dangerous. Absolutes become dogmatic, divisive, and dangerous to humanity.

The mere fact that great philosophers for thousands of years have pondered these very same questions is enough to discourage my own thoughts on them. Greater people than myself have tried and failed to define happiness. Greater people than myself have tried and failed to build a better world.

We are not special. Yet we are. To ourselves, to our families, to our friends. So why then is your neighbor not special? Why then is your coworker not special? They’re certainly not as special to you as, say, your mother or father, sister or brother, and certainly not as special as your own child.

But are they not someone else’s child? Are they not just as special relative to their own parents? Are they not just as special to themselves as you are to you? Is not your child just as special to you as theirs is to them?

Relativity makes each of us special to someone, so why can’t we simply view others the way we view our own children and brothers and sisters? Why can’t we love one another as we love our own family? Are we not all one family? Are we not all human? Do we not all feel love?

We must, and we do feel love. We all love just as much as any other person. We’re all the same in that regard. So why is it so hard to love one another?

Because that’s just not how it works, right? That’s just not how things are, right?

We are all smart enough to realize though, that if we work together we can all have what we want and need, yet we don’t do it. Why is that?

It’s simple. We don’t trust one another. We lack faith in one another. We have no faith in humanity.

And that right there is perhaps the root of our main problem.

We lack faith in humanity. For if we had faith in one another, no one would be without. No one would suffer. No one would experience lasting pain and suffering because someone would always be there to help us up and out of our struggle. Life would not be as hard. We know this. We all know this. Yet…this mistrust and lack of faith persists.

Perhaps it’s a residual evolutionary instinct to mistrust. Perhaps it will take a very long time for us to realize our faith in humanity, to grow our faith in one another. Even saying it seems silly right now.

Saying “You must have faith in humanity” just sounds silly, naïve, and perhaps a little arrogant. Isn’t our own hubris to blame for our flaws now? How arrogant is it to have faith in one’s self? But it’s NOT faith in one’s own self, it’s faith in humanity, it’s faith in your family, faith in your friends, and fellow human beings.

The courage it takes to have faith in humanity is great! Is it not?

It takes great courage to have faith in your fellow human being, yes? Ask yourself why that is? Because history has shown us to be distrustful. But, does that mean we will always be distrustful?

Does that mean that just because we have learned to distrust that we can never trust again? Of course not!

Does it mean that because we have no faith in humanity that faith in humanity is impossible? Of course not!

This is why it takes great courage to have faith in humanity. Over time it will be proven that altruism and love is more powerful than greed and h***.

We instinctively know that if we could depend on our neighbor then the world would be a better place, yes? Of course!

But this idea seems silly only because we have been conditioned to believe this idea is true and that it can never change.

Have we not been conditioned to believe that faith in humanity is a silly idea? What if this is not so silly and in fact, faith in humanity is the way to peace and happiness for all of humanity?

Is this not true? Do we not know this instinctively? So why do we fight it? Why do we push this idea out of our minds? Why do we think faith in humanity is a silly idea?

Because we have been conditioned to believe it throughout history. It’s a leftover evolutionary instinct to mistrust. And that’s why we refuse to trust one another.

This isn’t to say bad people don’t exist. Of course they do. But they’re a small percentage of the population of humanity. They are not humanity. They are what’s wrong with humanity.

The greedy, selfish, liars and charlatans. They will have you believe you can never trust humanity because THAT’S HOW THEY THINK! Let me make that clear. They are the ones spreading lies and distrust because they are the ones who believe humanity is evil because they are evil themselves. They believe everyone thinks this way; they are guilty of their own bias.

But humanity is not evil. Humanity is not broken. We are not born broken. We do not need fixing. We’re not born in sin. We’re not born bad. Those are all misconceptions and deliberate lies told by the evil ones.

They want you to believe there is no hope for humanity. They want you to believe there is no faith in humanity. They want you to believe there is nothing we can do ourselves to save humanity. But it’s all a lie.

Humanity doesn’t need saving. Humanity isn’t broken. You are not broken! You’re only temporarily struggling. Faith in your fellow human will get you out of that struggle and help you find peace and happiness.

Are we not all better if we help one another? Is your neighbor not happier that you helped them with their work? Are you not happier that your neighbor helped you with your work? Do you not feel good for feeding the hungry? Do you not feel good for housing the homeless? Do you not feel good for sharing knowledge about how to live happier? Are we not all better for having helped one another?

Why then do we resist helping one another if helping one another is the way to peace and happiness? We know this, yet we resist the urge to have faith in our own fellow human beings. Our fellow brothers and sisters. Our own human family.

Our purpose is simple. We are here to help one another. We are special because we love one another. We care for one another. We are stronger together, happier together, more peaceful together when we’re all working for one another.

It all sounds so silly. But we know it’s true. The greatest wisest philosophers of old have all said that love conquers all. Faith in humanity is the way to have peace and happiness and abundance for all. It truly is that simple.