Millionaire Mindset Secrets: How to Think to Succeed

This article will teach you the millionaire mindset secrets of how to think and be successful at anything. You are in control of your own mind and body and to set your goals. You choose how to achieve your goals and you must set your mind to do it. Now, having said that…this article will NOT make you a success. Only you have that power to do that.

That is the first step of success.

You must realize that you have the power within you to change your mindset and achieve success. You must believe it wholeheartedly. If you don’t I’ll teach you how you can. Whether you know it or not, that power is inside you already.

All I’m going to do is show you how to access it. But you have to take action to make it work. All the knowledge in the world is useless unless you take action and apply it.

It all starts with your mindset

Being successful starts with mindset. To get yourself in the success mindset, or millionaire mindset, you must first want to be successful. It goes much deeper than this, but this is at the core of how to be successful. I’m going to lean heavily on “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill in this article because success is all about mindset.

If you haven’t read the book yet, go read it now! There’s no excuse for you to have never read it unless you’ve never heard of it, and if you’re reading this you most likely have heard of the book before. Go read the book. If you have, then GOOD FOR YOU! But why are you still reading this article? If you read the book and you’re reading this book then most likely aren’t successful yet and I’ll tell you why.

Because you haven’t applied yourself. You didn’t WANT success bad enough. Sorry if that sounds harsh but that’s the facts. I don’t want to hear excuses.

See, that’s the secret to the first part of getting yourself in the success mindset. These are the mindset secrets!

Millionaire Mindset Secrets: How to Access The Power of Your Mind

Step 1 – Be Honest With Yourself! 

I can’t stress this point enough. You must have honesty to be successful. I don’t care how much money you have, if you’re not honest, you’re not successful. Not just honesty with others, but with yourself. Success starts in your brain.

It starts with your attitude. Don’t lie to yourself or delude yourself into thinking you’re successful or doing well when you’re not. Don’t delude yourself into believing that you are taking the steps you need to take when you’re not.

Your subconscious mind knows you’re lying and will not let you forget it. It will be a constant nagging force pulling you down. You will not be able to shake it. The best way to get around this is not to lie to yourself. Be honest. Listen to your conscience, listen to that inner voice inside you telling you that you can do better. You know you can do better. Work harder.

Are you working harder and smarter than your competition? No? Then work harder and smarter and longer hours. Your mind will know and mind will tell you. Your mind has the power to make you succeed. Listen to it.

Step 2 – Want it! Obsess Over It! Want it more than ANYTHING!

Next to self-honesty this is your #1 power! Want is more powerful than you know. When I say you must want success I don’t simply mean you have to “want to be a millionaire“. Everyone in the civilized modern monetary system world “wants” to be a millionaire. Ask people and they’ll tell you, “Yeah! Duh!”. But guess what? Most people are not millionaires and will never be millionaires. You know why? Because they don’t want it bad enough.

People say they want to be a millionaire but they are clueless as to how to do it because they don’t want it more than they want anything. You have to have a “burning desire” as Napoleon Hill said. You must obsess over it.

When you truly have that burning desire it will give you the drive and energy to work harder, smarter, and longer than anyone you know. You will automatically do what needs to be done, which brings me to the next step.

Step 3 – Be Willing To Do Anything (legally) To Get What You Want

When I say anything I mean anything. You’re going to compete at the level of millionaires and professional athletes! You need to think like they do and do what they do! You need to act like they do!

This means work harder, smarter, faster, longer, and be more disciplined than anyone you know. Don’t slack off and don’t be scared of failure.

Don’t be afraid of success. Man up (or woman up) and do what needs to be done. It’s that simple. Most people know instinctively what they need to do but they never do it. That is why they fail.

You have to be willing to do anything (legally) to get what you want.

BONUS: The Secret to Success at Anything


That’s it! It’s really that simple. There are no big secrets. It’s all been said before.

Discipline will keep you focused. Discipline will help you power through any obstacle. If there’s ANY secret to success it’s discipline.

The road to becoming a success sucks. It’s hard. It’s tough. Most people give up before they ever get started because shit gets real and then it gets tough. This is why most people work a 9-5 job. It’s less stressful. There’s nothing wrong with working 9-5…but if you’re working 9-5 you’re gonna make 9-5 money.

If you want to achieve millionaire status, deca-millionaire, centi-millionaire, or billionaire status, then you have to think like they do. You have to do what they do. You have to work like they do.

The Millionaire Mindset Secrets

The biggest secret here is that there is no secret. We all know this stuff. But most people never do it because it’s hard.

I’m sharing with you how I do it. These mindset secrets work. How I get myself in the mindset to be successful. I take an hour for myself each morning. That is my “Me Time!”. I take an hour in the morning and do nothing.

This helps me focus on my day and what I’m going to accomplish. I ask myself what I’m doing today. What do I want to accomplish? What goal do I want to reach today? Then I think about what I want and why I want it.

Know your end game. Know where you want to go. Are you building a business to sell or are do you want to be in the olympics?

Pick your goal, be honest with yourself, you need to want it more than anything, and do what you have to do to get it. Be more disciplined than anyone you know.

Know it’s going to be tough and resolve yourself to keep going no matter what. Know that’s it’s going to be hard but do it anyway.

I do this BECAUSE it’s hard and BECAUSE I want it, and BECAUSE I love this shit! I live for this shit! I’m obsessed with success and achieving my goals and I’m obsessed with getting in the right mindset because I know getting in the right mindset will make me a billionaire.

You gotta hustle! You already know this shit! Deep down you know what you’re not doing right and you know the things you are doing right. You know what you need to do.

So go do it!


Read my book “Mindset Secrets“. Get on my list and read it FREE!

Read my how to succeed at anything article, it will help you more and will expand a little on this article. Also read my article titled, Success is all in your head. It goes into more detail about how success starts with your mindset. These mindset secrets aren’t rocket science, they’re common sense tricks to help you succeed. No go succeed.

Got a good success story? Let me know about it in the comments!

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