My SolarCat or SolCatâ„¢ – I’m not that great a 3D designer, but I think this gets the point across about my idea for a solar powered cat. A liveaboard boat, kind of a catamaran/houseboat hybrid. Using all new tech and composite hull. Foam core. Unsinkable.


The center part, main living quarters below the main deck, an upper observation deck, and a roof you can walk around on and sunbathe and just hang out and party. The twin hulls are designed to cut through the waves rather than go over them.

And the pontoons are wide enough with enough displacement, that it has a VERY SHALLOW draft.

Low profile rounded egg shaped central core is a floatation device itself. In case of rough seas and the vessel capsizes, or breaks apart.

The central core would stay together and afloat. Sort of like the protective pod in the core of a NASCAR.

Over engineered to withstand the forces of any storm at sea. The dual hulls may break off in extreme weather and waves.

But the core of the vessel itself is unsinkable and water tight with thick walls.

Punctures holes, or damage to the hulls or to the core will not matter.

You could literally shoot this with a .50 cal machine gun and perhaps a 40mm grenade launcher and you couldn’t sink it.

You could blow a 6 foot hole in the hull and though it would likely list to on side somewhat, it’s fireproof, and cannot sink. The low profile and rounded top decks make it aerodynamic (and sleek aesthetically) that it is pushed DOWN with the wind, and any wind blowing UNDER the vessel will produce a lower pressure underneath thereby making it more secure in the water from capsizing during a storm.

Even if it does capsize, it would take a massive wave to do it. And even if the vessel breaks apart, that central core will stay together. It’s designed with a very shallow draft and low profile to get up into very shallow bays and bights without damaging coral reefs or the vessel itself.

You can even run this vessel onto the beach, the draft is so shallow. Overall length is 10 meters or about 33 feet long. And about 5 meters wide, or 16 feet wide.

Powered by solar power, 2, 300HP electric motors 600 HP total power. One in each hull.

Two large 82 kWh battery packs. One in each hull. And a 54 kWh back up battery pack in the core. All charged by solar and wind power.

There are multiple retractable 1500Watt vertical wind turbines that also charge the 3 battery packs.

It’s also equipped with internet, WiFi, radar, sonar, 3 marine radios, one on each deck.

And multiple GPS emergency beacons/locators in the hulls, and the central core.

So yeah… that’s what I want to build.

That’s my solar powered catamaran idea.